Haibun for midsummer storms

For the dverse prompt

Another night and day of storm and picking up the battered tomato plants. Another day of light that changes with lightning rapidity, booming with the drum roll of thunder. No fire this longest day and shortest night, the sky too charged. Who would tempt the force that draws up wind and tempest with our puny defiance?
an ocean of clouds
sails the sky all the shades
of the storm
and we watch and wait for the deluge, the rattle of rain and the detonation of thunder echoing in the attic, sending the cobwebs flying while
cats cower
no mice-dancing matters when
the sky is unchained
In the dog chamber, a sleeping hound, deaf to the bombardment, sleeps. Night is night is night, a time to let the bones rest and dream dreams of those young days of the wild hunt
the balm for old age
a moon sighs.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

71 thoughts on “Haibun for midsummer storms”

  1. Three haiku, fantastic Jane. My fave is the cat cowering one. Deaf dogs make me sad, as do blind cats. You and Bev have bookend storm poems.

  2. We both turned to summer storms, Jane! I have to admit to enjoying them, unless the lightning gets a bit too close, of course!

  3. We seldom get lightning storms here, but when we do, my dog begs at the door to go out in it. I guess he wants to see what all the fuss is about.

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you liked the way it worked out. I never feel that a chunk of often very prosaic writing with a tiny haiku tagged on at the end is much of a poem.

  4. Such a wild haibun here. I really loved these few lines:

    “No fire this longest day and shortest night, the sky too charged. Who would tempt the force that draws up wind and tempest with our puny defiance?
    an ocean of clouds
    sails the sky all the shades
    of the storm”

      1. Here’s a link, just in case you want to check it out. https://thundershirt.com/ My friend had a second hand one which had no instructions. It took us a while to figure out all the flaps, but once we figured out how to fit it on the dog, he seemed much more content. I’m sure being under the covers with you helps too. 🙂

      2. Wow! At least this serves a purpose. There are so many awful costumes and humanoid clothes to make animals look ‘cute’. I was expecting something like a space suit lol

      3. I agree that a lot of clothes marketed to dog owners are more for the owners’ pleasure than for dogs’. I used to think they were all ridiculous, but some dogs with short hair, lacking a double coat, might like a coat or a sweater for warmth in the winter. Pajamas look cute and silly, but they work in certain medical situations to keep dogs from biting/scratching themselves.

      4. Exactly. Some dogs (like mine) might be big dogs but they have no second coat of hair. They get cold in winter and need protecting if they’re to be outside for any length of time. I was tempted once by little dog boots, not to keep his little tootsies dry, but because he was always cutting his feet, or tearing nails out and it’s so hard to keep a bandage of any kind on a dog’s pads.

  5. I find all of these storms rather ominous, an atmosphere you have captured perfectly here. I love the contrast of the hound sleeping peacefully, oblivious.

    1. I’m not sure we ought to be having so much storm activity so early. Poor old Finbar. As long as he doesn’t open his eyes and see the lightning, he’s undisturbed by the storms.

    1. No, the days when fires were lit to keep spirits up have gone. Nobody really believes the sun might not rise again. It’s one reason I find the neo-pagan stuff so irritating. Pure invention by sophisticated modern people of what they imagine an ancient mindset would have found awe-inspiring. Playing at being Neolithics.

      1. Yes, I think that’s often the case. Like those diets that claim it’s healthier to eat only what ancient humans ate in the same ways they ate it.

      2. They probably laugh at the Africans who think they’ve been bewitched or possessed by a demon. Can’t see much difference on the enilghtenment scale personally.

  6. You paint such beautiful and vivid images that I feel like I’m there with you. (Well, I guess I am sort of.) 😏 Our Mickey cat was terrified of storms, especially when he was younger.
    I hope things have settled down there. We had a severe thunderstorm warning last night, but fortunately only got some rain.

    1. I wonder if it’s your Mickey cat I hear pattering away down the hallway sometimes in the night?
      We had one really spectacular storm a couple of nights ago, but otherwise they’re storms with rain and distant thunder that I suppose means someone else is getting it a lot worse!

      1. I never thought about ghost cats traveling, but I suppose they can. He’d be fascinated by all your wildlife.
        It’s raining harder here now, but I think we’re supposed to have nice weather for a couple days after that–then back to hot and humid!

      2. He wouldn’t need to travel. He can go wherever he likes now just staying put 🙂
        I’m going to put flour down in the hallway and on the steps up to the attic to see what it is. If it’s a cat, I’ll know which one 🙂

      3. Just thought I’d let you know. I put flour down across the hallway and on the step. There was nothing on the step, but there was a print in the hallway. Not a cat, too big and dog-shaped, but half the size of Finbar’s. It looks like a fox trots around the house at night!

      4. It’s a real paw print. I’ll do it again tonight, see what we get. We’ve both heard something trotting about at night, so it’s a real thing.

      5. The cats are shut in the veranda. If we have them in the house they gallop about all night and we can’t sleep. If they’re in the kitchen they throw themselves at the door all night and we can’t sleep. We ended up with mice everywhere but the veranda…
        Raccoons would be fun! They’re here apparently but not welcome. I’ve never seen one.

      6. Raccoons are cute from a distance. I wouldn’t want them living in my house. We had a mom and babies close–under our eaves–several years ago. We had to hire someone to get them out.

      7. They couldn’t be worse than the neighbours we had when we lived in town. I’m sure I’d rather have a whole herd of raccoons rather than that bunch.

  7. I love every bit of this and I like how you used the haiku for pauses. Wonderful description of the sky:
    “an ocean of clouds
    sails the sky all the shades
    of the storm”

    1. Thanks Lisa. It occurred to me when I was writing it, that a haiku at the end looks odd dangling there on its own so I sprinkled a few more about for company 🙂 Glad you think the technique worked.

  8. We get some pretty good thunderstorms. My wife will ask me, “How about that thunder last night?” If I was asleep when it started, I missed it. In a sense. Sometimes it works its way into my dreams.

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