How far?

How far must we travel to feel a change,
outrun the sun, the seasons, familiar faces?

Days turn from pale dawn to golden sunset,
and in between the light dims and brightens,
clouds pass, rain rains, and the world grows.

One day I will go to Naples
and live in a narrow street
where the balconies are full of washing
and the streets full of voices
and the hot and pungent smells
of lives lived in common.

I will go back to a childhood
the time almost lost
when such things were sharp as sunburn
and broken seashells beneath bare feet,
warm as a language not quite understood,
and they made the difference
between passing time and absorbing its essence,
eating it raw and saving the pips
in a special box

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

23 thoughts on “How far?”

  1. that switch in the head, that tells you, it’s going to be okay, you need to practice that feeling, liked the words, the wonders of a wild childhood, a rarity these days, amen

    1. I think you’re right. There’s no point in traipsing around the world in search of new experiences if you don’t know what to do with them. Better stay at home and stare into the grass, working out what’s going on.

      1. Fully agree, Jane! I just have seen wonderful images from London, and asking me much more, how so many Britains are escaping every summer into the whole world.
        They have a possibilities around, and only two weeks of vacancy far away in my meaning can not bring fulfillment. xx Michael

      2. Thats true, but you will not believe. Over the last 20 years our village officials tried to get a big supermarket with over 3000 square meters. Not to have or to offer a larger range. Just to just create jobs. xx

      3. Yes, that’s always the thing, isn’t it? No, we don’t need a new airport that will destroy thousands of hectares of farmland, but think of all the jobs!

  2. To travel actual miles just to do it does seems so pointless. But I can also understand wanting to see a particular place and to hold that memory. And we’re doing some day trips because I really do want to see some new and different sights/sites. 😀

    1. Day trips are probably the most meaningful. You have something very specific in mind. The aimless ‘let’s go to the Arctic to take some photos before all the ice melts’ attitude is what gets up my nose.
      I was listening to a report on the famine in Madagascar, the first due entirely to climate change. People are eating mud. The next person who tells me they’re soo thrilled the cruise ships have started up again, I might just slap them.

  3. There are many places I’d like to see, but I’ve never been a good traveler. And I know my place–New York is my home. Still, a trip to the beach at least once a year replenishes me, and I hope to get there this year. (K)

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