Sea roses forever

Sea roses forever

Sea purple or colour of roses as night falls,
picture the shadows salt-scented,
where summer swims in sweet water music.

Then the singing stops, becomes a pounding
in the head, and the whispering of imagined muses
is a blow beneath the belt.

I see the rocks beneath the satin surface
where old bitterness flows, the craggy
subterranean echoing with a distant cry.

I will arm myself with forests,
cloak my shoulders in diamond spray
and a thousand fallen stars.

I will not sleep
until the blue of serenity fills
the ocean-sky depths again.

Perhaps this was the message
in the wordless cry, not despair
but a call to arms, to run, to fly

and cast a soft shadow mantle
over the spreading stain of black and red,
sow the green of hope.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

20 thoughts on “Sea roses forever”

      1. No! Now they are being arrested for taking food to their families living in shacks!! That’s some of them. Some who looted deserves jail, like the guy loading stuff from Woolworths (upmarket grocery store) into his Mercedes!!

      2. It’s impossible to get a realistic idea of what’s going on in SA. We hear from the white people with property to defend getting up their vigilante groups to fight off the looters, and get an automatic knee-jerk reaction to them, then we see the poor who have very little, shouting in defence of Jacob Zuma who has let’s say made profitable use of his time as president. It looks like a right mess.

      3. And besides the poor wasn’t fighting for Zuma. They were merely (mostly) taking what they needed. There was a boy who got himself socks, underpants and a shirt for school. Some went a bit mad though. I couldn’t help laughing at a baby blue lounge suite, worth R70 000, outside a tin shack.

        We had an attempted coup or insurrection. Major instigators with major tools and weapons broke down shop doors so people could get in. It was very organised!

      4. There are so many people to despise in these situations, the political leaders who have made themselves rich at the expense of the people who voted for them, and the privileged populations who will kill to keep things nice for themselves. The ones who end up getting murdered or imprisonned are the poor people who do the looting because it’s the only way they can get the essentials.

      5. It’s a mess for sure. What is clear is this was planned some time ago. Word went out into the poor communities to do the looting, while more efficient terrorism happened in burning of malls and factories. I feel the police and military were deliberately held back by those in power who is part of the Zuma faction of the ANC. If the independent journalists agree, they’re not saying so. We need an entire new order. The opposition parties here aren’t viable. A whole new situation will have to be created. There are possibilities. Hold thumbs for us!

      6. It seems like a variant of the divide and rule system that we’re all suffering from, fragmenting society into bickering tribes so the ruling caste can throw up its hands in horror and say, look at this lot, can’t agree on anything, best leave it to us because we know how things work.
        Insurrections are usually planned by a group who stand to gain from civil disorder, but their foot soldiers, who only get a little bit of the story, are the ones who get arrested for the violence. Manipulative shits.

  1. Such luscious, lyrical language from you and the Oracle. (And I love that Redon of Orpheus.)
    I thought ours were not much alike, but then I kept reading, and we ended-up with sort of the same message–and song.

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