Things we see or don’t

Running late. The medication is starting to work and I can see a bit clearer now. The Oracle gave me a cadralor. Nothing to do with anything.

Things we see, or don’t

In my forest there are roses,
the sun slips
between bird-strung boughs
and the rain in silver patters,
language of dreams.

He brought me flowers,
gave me slabs of meat to cook,
his friends to tolerate,
loud and boorish. No one noticed
when I slept in the garden.

I remember a pair of shoes, blue.
She never wore them, like the red dress,
not me, she said with a smile.
it stormed when she died.
She’d have liked that.

There’s a picture of the north pole,
how it was, with the ice
and the long black shadow of a white bear.
All gone, but we prefer palm trees
and sun anyway, so no loss.

A celebrity’s plastic face, souped-up sunsets,
Ferraris and Porsches, a selfie
taken with the moon in a space station,
none more beautiful than the daisy,
crushed beneath your tread, rising again, slowly.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

19 thoughts on “Things we see or don’t”

    1. My mother-in-law never wore anything but really conventional clothes. When we cleared the house after she died we found a mass of clothes, bright colours, fantasy designs, things I took to wear. They’d never been out of her wardrobe. We don’t all have the same relationship with objects.

      1. I have necklaces that I display because I think they are beautiful but never wear. I also have a flower sweater I love, but it’s bright, and I don’t wear bright colors either. But I can’t part with it. I understand the ridiculousness of it, but there it is.

      2. I’m the same. I have a bit of jewelry but never wear any. And I have clothes I never wear that I love but they were usually acquired when we lived in a city, didn’t have animals or children. I’ve had no occasion to get dressed up for decades. It’s a shame because the clothes still fit.

      1. Gosh! Honestly, i do not really know what this is, but a restricted view is always an issue. I experienced it when, in the course of my own health madness with the loss of 30 kilograms in weight, I suddenly needed glasses for reading. I wish you a fast recovery, Jane! xx Michael

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