The summer blows away while the dog sleeps

The summer blows away while the dog sleeps

Sun on the tiles
orange soft as cat-fur
spreads quiet as memories

the wind from the south
blows hot restless as dancing leaves
as the skittish deer

death lies in shadow
not this lazy heat that stretches and yawns—
I banish the shadows

wind turns fickle
slaps the other cheek
rain-wet winter-cold

and the rain running
rills pouring from eaves
your tide ebbing

is it in the sky
mingled with rain clouds sparse sun
that destiny is decided

does it matter
if the gap in the clouds closes again
like a golden wound?

I watch you sleeping
in the warm round of your bed
while rain lashes

and the great indifference
of nature carries us both
gentle as any mother.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

15 thoughts on “The summer blows away while the dog sleeps”

    1. It was watching Finbar sleeping peacefully while it poured with rain outside, got me wondering why we think life is so much better when the sun shines. He was in a bad way when the weather was hot, much happier now it’s not. Stopping the medication has worked wonders too.

      1. We have been taught that light equals good when in reality everything is a complex mixture of opposites. I’m glad Finbar is feeling better.

      2. Yes; like the only place to be in the summer is on a beach next to a turquoise blue sea.
        Finbar is happier. He’s still doddery on his legs but the incontinence caused by the medication has stopped so he’s not humiliated by it any more. His appetite is back too. He sleeps a lot more now, getting in training for the big sleep.

      3. I find that the side effects of medicine are often not worth it. The people I know who died with the most dignity were not looking for miracles, just pain relief.

      4. Yes, there’s a difference between wanting to relieve inevitable and terminal pain, and guessing about what might make a hypothetical pain easier. If it’s bearable, it’s usually better to keep off the drugs.

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