Sleeping dogs

Sleeping dogs

Sleep, that knits up all those loosened threads
and ragged cares, repairs the bodyโ€™s decline
and sets tired bones quiet, untroubled,
becomes a joy the young hound never knew.

He lies, racing in dreams those boundless fields,
soft breathing, paws twitching,
content to nose the sun on waking,
walk sedately through the dry grass

and remember other mad times,
green and hot-blooded times,
when heart, legs and supple spine
gave him the power of flight.


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

39 thoughts on “Sleeping dogs”

      1. I miss Skooby a lot during this trip. Thought many times about bringing him with us but ultimately could not bear the thought of putting him through this gruelling road trip of ours.
        Completed nineteen days and 4900 miles. Every day something new.

      2. Doesn’t he like car trips? I know a lot of dogs do. But them you have the worry of finding a place to stay that doesn’t mind dogs. Don’t know what it’s like in the US but here, it’s not that obvious.

      3. We will keep on going till tired.
        Currently time wise, I say half way and distance wise two third because we are going to spend couple of days with my college classmate and four days with our son.

      4. Thanks Jane.
        Taking it slow, no hurry. Nothing in must see lists, enjoying what we have.
        Whenever the body asks for rest, try to give.
        Breaking each segment of travel to no more than 450 miles if possible. No night driving by choice. Forced to do one day but still reached hotel by around 9 PM.
        So far so good.
        Would have posted on my blog but I am still not adapt with this new wp editor in navigating media. Don’t want to add an extra hassle, so kept myself to posting on FB. Much easier.

      5. Ah, my daughter set it up for me. It should be either my full name “Pranabendra Sarma” or my short name ” Pranab Sarma”.
        Please send me a friend request. I have kept it for friends only and haven’t made it public because I simply can’t handle the comments and notifications during the trip.

      6. There are quite a lot of Pranab and Pranabendra Sarmas! There’s a Pranab Sarma whose avatar is a man in a light-coloured shirt with a little girl in a pink dress. Could that be you? Otherwise, you can always send me a friend request and and I can return it.

      7. No, you’re right. There doesn’t seem to be one. FB doesn’t allow me to look at posts very often anyway. I won’t accept all their cookies and data sharing with google so most of the time I just get a blank page. Can’t get gmail on my phone either. They’re evil.

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