New bed

After years of sterling service for five human children, the cot mattress has passed to child number six. It’s just about long enough, but it wasn’t designed for galgo legs. Mind you, we bought the biggest dog basket in existence, and that wasn’t either.

Meanwhile, back in our/the cats’ bedroom…

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38 thoughts on “New bed”

    1. We kept the mattress because it fits an antique child’s bed, but Ninnie had been ‘using’ it so it wasn’t fit for anything else. It’s not really wide enough for Finbar, but I can’t have a full-size mattress on the floor by my feet!
      Ricky sounds sensible. Trixie and Ninnie will only sit on keyboards, books or the mouse (of course).

      1. He’s a great cat. Male cats (and dogs) seem more dependent than females. Our boy cats were cuddlier than the girls who really only tolerate us, as long as we keep our distance and do what they’ve programmed us to do 🙂

    1. He is comfy, slips off it sometimes though.
      He’s never allowed on the bed though he used to muscle in anyway. It’s very high so he had to jump onto it, and that always made him hyper excited. He’s too big for jumping about like that.

    1. I’ll tell him, but he won’t hear me 🙂 He enjoys his sleep much more now that he’s deaf and doesn’t have to keep jumping up to see what’s going on.
      The cats float around, in and out, doing as they like. They’ll drift in here to the stove when it starts to get cold.

      1. Getting old happens to all of us. He’s getting very doddery, has difficulty getting up and his back legs just give way sometimes. It’s happened very quickly, over the last few months and it’s hard getting used to the idea.
        Just had to break off there. He rolled off his bed, slid under my desk, kicked the lamp over trying to get up, caught his leg in the computer cable and I just grabbed it in time before it went on the floor. So sad.

      2. Yes, we will. I took him to the vet a couple of weeks ago just to ask about miracle cures for weakness in his back legs. She said there was nothing to be done about that but she would (not ‘could’) give him painkillers and medication to give his skin more sensitivity so he would maybe not loose his bowels without being aware of it. I said he wasn’t in any pain, but she knew best. He WAS in pain. Finbar took the pills for two days then refused to eat anything that had been anywhere near them. I ground them into powder, hid it in meatballs and he said he’d rather starve. He started pissing everywhere, in his bed, in the house and drinking water all the time, spitting to get the taste of the pills out of his mouth.
        I phoned the vet and said I was stopping the treatment. She blustered and insisted, how he was in pain (he isn’t) and the medication wasn’t making him incontinent blah blah but I said it was Finbar’s choice.
        He’s stopped pissing himself now, eats his food with relish again, and we’ll let him sink gently. Bloody vet. She’s sent two messages in the post and another sms about his vaccination!!!! I said it was pointless when I saw her. All they think about is money.

      3. I’m surprised about her insistence. You would’ve known if Finbar was in pain. I’d get a second opinion about the strength of his legs. Even alternative treatment like massaging, Reiki, a healer? Everything is so expensive! I know a healer who may be able to help to perhaps prolong Finbar’s active life? I’ll pass you the no if you think it’s viable? No idea what she charges! About the vaccination: no point I’d think. The vet here told me not to worry about vaccines!

      4. We live in what they call a medical desert. Hard enough to get a human doctor. There’s just one veterinary clinic here started off as one vet and now has at least three plus a whole team of assistants. The last vet who only did farm animals and let his (untrained) wife deal with dogs and cats, retired so the practice is a money spinner.
        She insisted Finbar was in pain because dogs don’t exteriorise pain. I said, Finbar does. That was how I knew to treat him for his stiff joints. He doesn’t complain aniy more. But self-medication doesn’t make them any money. He doesn’t cry when he falls over, or struggles to get up. I think he doesn’t feel that much at the rear end any more. I rub his legs for him but he’s never liked having his legs or paws touched. The vet insists his eyesight is going because he flinched when she put her hand up to his head. He’s always done that, even if I do it. He’s a dog that was beaten and tormented. It leaves traces. You’d expect a vet to understand simple things like that.
        Thanks for suggesting a healer, but given the rapidity of the degeneration, I don’t think there’s much to be done except make him comfortable and let him decide how much and how far he wants to walk/trot.
        A revaccination every year shouldn’t be necessary anyway. Another money-spinner.

      5. His eyesight still good? Eating well? Those will be good signs. You’ve obviously explored remedies for his weak legs. I’m not knowledgeable about these things.

      6. His eyesight’s okay but not as sharp as it was and his appetite hasn’t changed, but his legs are getting weaker and weaker. I don’t like to take him out for a walk on my own in case he gets into difficulties. He’s too heavy for me to lift.
        No, there’s nothing to be done. It’s the size of him, the length of the spine, the legs and the distance from the heart. All big dogs have the same problem.

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