This coming night

Samhain is the door
that opens in the dark night,
the light that rises in the dark night,
to guide them home, the loved lost,
to the hearth and the warmth of our hands,
where we listen in vain hope,
beyond flame-whisper and the owl’s song,
for those dear dead voices
we will never hear again.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

15 thoughts on “This coming night”

    1. I understand. I think of my grandmother at this time of year. After losing two children, one aged 3, the other 4 then her husband, she refused to believe in death and a Catholic afterlife. She destroyed their death certificates and the record of where they were buried so nobody ever knew which of the white markers were theirs. (Catholics were buried in a separate part of the municipal cemetery with only numbers for markers). She believed they were ‘alive’ beyond the veil, and she would see them when she crossed it without any help from the priests, and without any need for God to be involved either.

  1. Both my mother and my aunt, well into Alzheimers, saw and spoke with the dead. Perhaps the body lives while the mind has already moved on. That may be what makes it so unsettling to those of us still firmly planted on earth. (K)

    1. If the body and the mind are two separate entities, why not? My great aunt who went just quietly dotty when she hit her nineties used to talk to the Virgin Mary. I don’t count that as a psychic experience though, just a mind that had emptied of everything except religious teaching.

  2. This is lovely and bittersweet. I thought I might light a candle for my parents tonight. I don’t believe in Heaven or necessarily in an afterworld, but I hope they are together somewhere (and getting along)🤣

      1. I don’t know if I should laugh or not. Is it a mean cat? I had a dream last week that there was a full-grown lion, and it curled up and nestled against me.

      2. He’s a very large, fluffy tabby cat and he’s very quick to use his claws. He’ll let you stroke him, then two minutes later, he’ll scratch you for making the same gesture. I think he has problems.
        Funny you should say that about the lion. In my dream although it was Astor, he looked like a lion and he was creeping over the sofa to leap on the whole crowd of us.

      3. Oh wow–now we’re having related dreams, too? This was definitely a lion, and I was first in a house with lots of rooms and another storyline. . .but even though he looked fierce, he acted like a house cat once he came inside with me. Then there was a tiger who seemed much fiercer, though someone else told me he wasn’t, and the tiger seemed to be cuddling with them. 😀

      4. I think we were in one of those rooms you walked through. A big room with lots of sofas and armchairs and a fireplace, and Astor (didn’t look like him at all) had the face of a lioness but was a bit shaggy and grey) and he was preparing to eat all of us. Maybe that’s why you moved on, trying to get away from the wild beasts that house was obviously infested with!

      5. Hahaha. But that lion in my dream was rather sweet. He was male with that mane, but someone in the dream told me he was female–must have been someone from your dream.

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