Hidden in the fog

Hidden in the fog

This is a misty place,
fog gathers like sheep’s wool,
blanketing the sky.

There are dark thoughts in the fog,
dark deeds among the wintry trees,
creeping with reflector vests.

Mist is sky fog,
rising and descending,
masking field furrows.

Blanket mist muffles
dog bark, gun bark,
the sounds, harrowing.


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

26 thoughts on “Hidden in the fog”

      1. I’m up and down to the window all day. I can hear them roaring to frighten the deer out, and see the buggers with their orange vests posted all along the edge of our place.

  1. Guns indeed haunt every place they go. But the misty field has a haunting beauty.

    I just used harrow in a poem I wrote–although it’s not finished, so it could disappear. But it’s a good word indeed. (K)

      1. Yes, a friend of mine remarked that if they don’t care about white 6 year olds, they really don’t care about anything. Only the unborn merit their attention.

      2. Yes, one of the great paradoxes of extreme conservative thinking (if that’s what it is). Letting sociopaths walk into kindegartens armed to the teeth with the intention of massacre is a right. A woman putting an end to an unwanted pregnancy is murder.

      3. There’s a furious debate going on here right now about abortion. Conservatives keep invoking the Bible–“Thou shalt not kill” –somehow they never apply it to guns, war, or corporations that poison the air water and land.

      4. The media here have been following the story. Always fascinated in a smug sort of way by the extravagance of what goes on in the US. As if we don’t have the same conservative current here too. Thankfully, if you keep God out of the argument, the pro-life bunch don’t have much ammo.

  2. Somehow I missed this one–then saw you thanked Frank for it! Weird.
    It’s sadly beautiful, like fog. “Chasseurs” is a prettier word than hunters.
    I agree with you and Kerfe (of course). And it definitely keeps women–especially poor women–in their place. Or kills them.

  3. Most well-established institutions (and that includes religions) are synonymous with keeping women out of things. Women who go along with it, like the awful women who boast about carrying heavy artillery around with them, are as bad as men.

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