15 thoughts on “Menace”

    1. It’s that time of year. I had a run in with them yesterday. Came into our place with their guns. Husband was away and I just fly off the handle. It’s dangerous charging outside and confronting them, but I hate them so much.

      1. Oh–that is awful and scary! Did they leave right away? It’s horrible enough that they hunt, but to come on your land! What if you had young children or pets playing outside?!!

      2. No, the first one didn’t. I ended up shouting at him before he left. I yelled through the window at the second one and he’d gone back before I’d got my boots on and stormed around the other side of the house. It is scary. I phoned up the president of their association and told him we didn’t want to see them on our property again. We will though.

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