A winter day

The day started in freezing fog and changed its mind.

Morning in winter,
when silence is fog-thick, tiles
cold beneath the feet, breath clouds,
and between its walls, house
hunches, waits for the sun, bird-wreathed.

Birds bloom in the sun
where the cold was, the frost-fur,
golden where silver spun sharp
grass blades, keen as north winds,
fluttering façade, the house sighs,

and in the cold fields,
the same magic pours, green-gold,
coaxing shoots through orange sods,
though winter’s arm is long,
still poised among the clear night stars.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

22 thoughts on “A winter day”

    1. The house is struggling a bit. The temperature in our bedroom is 47°F at night but it has been colder. When I see freezing fog out of the window I just don’t want to get out of bed.

      1. You’d freeze. I don’t think modern people can cope with the cold the way pre-centrally heated people had to. The fog hasn’t lifted today at all and it’s far too cold for me indoors (57°F in the study with the stove) though it’s probably cozy by Medieval standards!

      2. I know! The other day when I took my gloves off outside for a few minutes, and I couldn’t tie the string on my hood because my hands were frozen. I was thinking about how people coped in the arctic. Not me!😀

        When I watched The Last Duel, I thought they made it seem cozy when I’m pretty sure people were covered from head to toe most of the time because it was so cold. And during the Little Ice Age.

      3. I watched The Green Knight the other day and Gawain was running about at Christmas with his shirt wide open. But his horse did have a saddle, stirrups and head protection. The story was set in 600AD. Why bother to give precise dates if you don’t do any research?

      4. I hate that. I started reading a novel a few months ago set in Arthurian times. Even if it’s myth and fantasy, it just seemed so ahistorical I couldn’t read it–women drinking tea?

      5. It’s ignorant. Like having them eating potatoes and pumpkins. I’ve seen both of those. And using world like okay and wanna and gonna. But nobody cares. Or rather, too many people don’t know that it’s rubbish.

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