International Day of the Galgo

February 1st, as well as being Imbolc, Brigid’s day is also Galgos’ day. If you don’t know what a galgo is, watch this.

Run dog run

Run dog run run
before the noose catches you
the meat hook the acid

run dog run
stay away from the outskirts
cross the arid lands

run dog run
climb the mountain
long legs too thin
ribs skinny unfleshed

but run run dog run
until you find a shelter a refuge
run and don’t stop
until your last breath.

Because not all men are evil
some care
some will try to make amends

for murdered mothers starved siblings
some will help you forget
the dog screams in the night

and perhaps one day
I or one like me
will come and find you
and bring you home.


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

20 thoughts on “International Day of the Galgo”

    1. I don’t like hunting, hate it in fact, but they justify the act of killing in one way or another. They’re just glorified butchers. It’s the deliberate cruelty I don’t understand. They don’t just put a bullet in the heads of the dogs they don’t want they persecute them from the moment they’re born.

  1. We have two rescue galgos, Annie and Ted. They are such gentle, loving, beautiful dogs. The cruelty they suffer is absolutely beyond me. Thank you for this – it’s so important that more people are aware.

    1. We have Spanish friends in Galicia who have adopted a galgo and I’ve met many other Spaniards, tourists in Bordeaux, who have too. When you walk around with a galgo they make themselves known. There’s cruelty to animals in all the poorer European countries. But I don’t accept poverty as an excuse. For indifference, okay, but nothing excuses what goes on with the galgos.

    1. It is horrible. Makes you want to adopt a hundred of them. At least the movement to get the Spanish authorities to do something about it has gone international now. Attitudes are changing too.

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