Silver linings

Finally getting round to posting Saturday’s message from the Oracle which turned out to be a proper Cadralor.
The painting is by Marc Chagall.

Silver linings

It’s live, she said,
I know I’ll speak too fast,
my tongue stumble on the words.

But the cat in her lap
stole the show.

They lean together like reeds
at the water’s edge, to chant,
worship, but the wind blows away
the quavering song,
leaving the dead in peace.

The wedding party was a mingling
of joy and grief, men and women
with their separate ideas.
Only the red-haired fiddler
was lost in the tune.

Will this rain never stop? you cry.
The sea tosses spray in your face,
the wind tosses petals
torn from early roses,
and suddenly, you laugh.

In this cool spring light,
a storm is a thing of beauty,
steel shafts of rain echo the tall sedge stalks.
I watch summer budding
in lightning flashes.


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

13 thoughts on “Silver linings”

    1. Thank you!
      A few of us have got into the habit of writing a poem each Saturday using the words proposed by one of the sets of the online magnetic poetry site. Because we so often end up with similar themed poems, it seems like a message, and we call the muse behind the message the Oracle. The coincidences can be striking sometimes.
      Have a look at it. Use the words how you want.

  1. I’m catching up and just seeing this–and oh my, it’s about me (and my ancestors)! Wow! (Intentional or not.)
    Did you write this before or after we “spoke”?
    It’s a beautiful poem–and of course, I love the Chagall. 💙

    1. I wrote it after, and on the first line of words were: live, it, she, said, followed by tongue, twisted, language, puppy and lap. She just got the pet wrong! Sometimes I really wonder…

      1. If we hadn’t spoken about your zoom, I wouldn’t have noticed those words, or I’d have changed the order, and not used all of them anyway. She has a way of nudging…

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