New arrivals

This time in two weeks, we’ll have two new members of the family. It’s almost six months since Finbar died, and we have never got used to his absence. We thought we would adopt another ‘dog’, then decided what we really wanted was not another ‘dog’ but another Galgo. And we wanted a happy Galgo, so that meant at least two. They’re sociable animals, pack animals, and in the countryside, the occasions for socialising are limited. In any case, they prefer their own kind.

These two are probably brothers. They’ve been together all their lives and were dumped together at the refuge because they weren’t any good as hunting dogs. They have been waiting a long time to be adopted. It was time to give them a home before they lost hope.

The photo was taken the day they arrived at the refuge.

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Jane Dougherty

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28 thoughts on “New arrivals”

    1. They’re not the most majestic-looking and husband says that compared with Finbar they’re even a bit runty-looking, but I agree with you. They have sweet faces, and I hope they’ll be happy ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. I hope they will be, too. You can’t compare them to Finbar. He was in a class by himself, but it will be fun to see two doggie friends playing together.

      2. Yes, watching them play will make us happy too.
        The children didn’t want us to get dogs that look like Finbar, or to give them names that are too close to his. I feel the same.

    1. It’s getting close and we’re still putting up fencing. It will be done in time though.
      Their refuge names are Jaimito and Blanco, but we haven’t decided what our names will be.

      1. Great news about the fencing. We shall have to put higher gates up soon. Our back garden is enclosed by eight foot fencing on all sides, but the gates across the drive are only a metre high

      1. No, we have the rendez-vous, got the gear, getting in some dog biscuit, anti-mosquito collars. There is still a kilo of Finbar’s minced beef in the freeze, waiting for someone to come and eat it ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Around three years old. Their previous owner might or might not have told the people at the refuge, if he even remembered. Young anyway.

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