May journal 7

Pulled back muscle and migraine day, and hard to see the beauty growing through the fug of pain and painkillers. Tomorrow will be better. It always is.

the same song day and night
simple pleasures.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

44 thoughts on “May journal 7”

    1. I slept all afternoon yesterday but it’s such a waste of time! Wrote one poem this morning, magnetic poetry. Suits the disconnected wiring in my head…

    1. It is. I don’t like taking any pills, and have never been in the situation before of having to take powerful stuff for two different things. Thank goodness the migraine has stopped and the back is gradually getting better.

    1. The migraines have stopped, thanks. They often seem to come in clusters, but this one is over. I have medication that works, but it knocks me out and usually stops me sleeping. Everything has a down-side.

      1. Sigh! Try the alternative stuff. Served me well enough for most things. It has its limitations but the side effects are much, much less.

      2. I’ve never found anything natural that had any effect. There’s the headache part, the sick part and the brain malfunctioning part to cope with. It’s too tempting to pop a pill, sit in dim light for an hour or so until it starts to work, and know that it’s on its way out.

      3. Didn’t know you had an eye problem? Allopathic practitioners don’t think much of homeopathy. Wish you well with finding anything that works! Smiles.

      4. I had a bout of uveitis last September, auto-immune provoked and the inflammation started a cataract in my right eye. It’s cleared up without leaving any damage other than the cataract. Have to be very vigilant as it might start up again.

      5. At least I’ll know what’s happening if it starts up again, and that they’ll see me straight away at the hospital. The cortisone treatment does as much to form the cataract as the inflammation, so the less of that the better! I had a massive wallop of it last time.

    1. I will. One of my daughters keeps on at me to try yoga. I’m lazy, and it always feels like time-wasting to me. Like all exercises. I want to be doing something else.

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