It’s been a long day. We thought they’d like to curl up together in the same bed as they’re quite a bit smaller than Finbar, and everything is so different to what they’ve been used to. But Bix has other ideas. Redmond has the spare bed until he plucks up the courage to test an armchair. Or we get another dog basket.

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63 thoughts on “Arrived”

      1. No, nothing of any use at all. Bandages and disinfectant is all Finbar ever had in his first aid kit. The migraine, I hope will be gone by tomorrow. Not sure about the bowel problem.

      2. Thanks Willow. Another started early this morning but I hope I caught it quick enough this time.
        Thanks for the link. I looked it up and I’ll try it if the rice and yoghurt diet doesn’t zap it. The delivery time is beyond the vet visit and I’m certain they’ll propose something they just happen to have in their pharmacy if he’s still squirting. I’ll let you know if the rice works first.

      3. Fingers crossed, Ruby has always had a troublesome tummy! So we always keep some jollop handy .
        Hope the migraine does not take hold, try and take it easy ๐Ÿ’œ

      4. They had a long journey, and I don’t know what he’d eaten last, but as we turned into our lane he was sick. Change of diet too perhaps.

      5. Yes I suffered terribly during my 20s to 40s at least two a month sometimes more! Then they stopped, I only get occasionally now , touch wood. ๐Ÿคž

      6. Same here, except they haven’t stopped, just for the last five years or so they haven’t been hormone triggered but stress (I think) so much more erratic.

  1. I’ve been thinking about you and them all day! Just checked my emails before bed to see this treat. Bix and Redmond–so your names or your husband’s? Or did they let you know. Which is which? They’re lovely, and I’m sure they will love their new home. I’m so excited! ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™

    1. Bix is husband’s choice and I didn’t argue. I like Redmond though husband keeps saying, but he’s not red. No, and Bix doesn’t play trumpet and he isn’t a Prussian statesman either. He’ll get used to it.
      Bix is completely at ease and is even resisting Trixie’s attempts to start a fight. Redmond is much more timid. he follows his brother around like his shadow. I’ll post some more pictures, but I’ve had a stinking migraine today and everything has been a bit difficult.

      1. They’re not really special meanings to us, but the names mean something, they have a history and we like the sound of them.
        We had a storm in the night but everyone seemed to sleep through it. I have another migraine this morning but I’m hoping I caught it early enough.

      2. I hope you did, too. Do the storms bring them on? We have rain here this morning, but it’s a light rain, and then we’re going to get very hot and humid weather this weekend–more like July or August with temps in the high 90s. UGH.

      3. I did sleep last night thanks, despite the storm, and husband got up early to clean up the mess (less this morning), feed the cats and take the dogs out to do pipi.
        High 90s??? And humid? That sounds really unpleasant. We’re forecast to hit 95ยฐ on Sunday but it’s never humid. The rain in the night freshened things up here, a real downpour by the looks of it. A light rain isn’t enough and it will probably all evaporate if it’s followed by more very hot weather.

      4. I’m glad you got some sleep.
        Yes, hot and humid is very unpleasant. Though 95 is hot no matter what. ๐Ÿ˜€ But the humidity does make it worse. We may get thunderstorms on Sunday, so I’m sure it will be humid. This is why we have a/c–and I guess we’ll have it on this weekend. Yesterday was delightful.

      5. I don’t blame you. Some people exaggerate, it’s true, but in a city, in those temperatures, it’s no more of a luxury than having central heating in Scandinavia.

      6. True, though we’re not in a city, and thankfully do have trees. . .though that’s also scary with storms. I keep remembering your comment about how Americans are so extreme with everything, even weather. ๐Ÿคฃ

      7. I was always impressed (horrified) at the climate the early settlers faced. Those eejits on the Mayflower who thought they could cope with the power of prayer. It sounded like really fierce weather they got.

      8. Sorry, forgot to reply about the migraines. Not storms, I think they’re stress related so understandable. The journey was long and hot too.

      9. I feel fine this evening thanks. It’s been a lovely day, warm (85ยฐFยฐ) and everybody seems to be settling into a routine. Trixie is pleased to have canine company again, if only because it means fresh meat at lunchtime and exotic biscuit for breakfast. She has to have her share too, and be served first.

    1. They’ve had a lots of hugs. I’ll tell them some of them were from you ๐Ÿ™‚
      They are brothers and their galguero had them from birth. He dumped them both at the refuge at the same time because they weren’t any good for hunting. Bix is no beauty, sort of hyena-coloured, has obviously been in a few fights, has a piece of an ear missing, the end of his tail and a big scar on his flank. But he’s very easy going and forgiving. Redmond is a beauty, but frightened and sticks to Bix like his shadow. It would have been cruel to separate them.

      1. It’s going to be very different to Finbar’s. They seem so small and slight compared with him. Easier weight to manage, far less powerful and more biddable. We’ll manage.

    1. Thanks Di xxx Yesterday’s migraine has gone, and the one that started this morning isn’t going to be nearly as nasty.
      I’m starting their proper food diet today, so maybe the rice etc will help with the loose bowels.
      They love treats! I’ll give them some from you ๐Ÿ™‚

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