May journal 21

A beautiful day with our favourite grandchild come to meet her new friends. It was a whirlwind of movement, hard to keep up, and even Trixie, after being chased enjoyed licking out a pot of cream while the two in the dog house watched.

The Oracle gave me a sort of cadralor with some of the day’s events in there. She is always watching.

A day in the country

Sun bakes the meadow,
shrinks the pink of orchid flowers,
cool shadow beneath the trees
out of reach,
we stick to the track,

She is growing, gabbling,
unsteady on her feet,
so she dances sitting down,
plays dog-catch and pine cone games,
sticky as honey,
a flower grass-petaled.

The garden is a ship,
an ark, sweating gently in the heat,
brim-full of rescued things,
fauna and flora
and we gardeners,
cooks and carers.

Play for some,
a mad race for another,
no blood, but a fright,
and the game stops in harsh words,
hung canine heads
and a cat in a tree.

No tears, no sadness,
but a day of laughter,
panting like puppies,
rolling in green,
smelling the wind for new things,
on the brink of new lives.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

26 thoughts on “May journal 21”

    1. The Oracle works through the medium of the magnets. A few of us ‘consult’ the online magnets to make verse. Sometimes using only the suggested words, often using the words as prompts within the poem. What’s surprising is that often we have the same themes and images in our poetic message, hence the idea (maybe only half tongue in cheek) that there is an Oracle suggesting a common message to all of us. Try it, it’s a good way to nudge a poem into existence.

      The cadralor is a new poetic form with very specific rules. Its creators explain how it works in their magazine Gleam entirely devoted to cadralore.
      If you look through issue 4 you’ll find three of my poems.

    1. We appreciated it. It’s always touch and go with strangers, even dogs. You’re never quite sure how they’ll react/adapt, or how a baby will fit in. It was lovely to see it working.

    1. I’m terrible for taking photos. I don’t have the reflex. I only took a few just as they were leaving. There’s so much movement, and my hands are usually too full to reach for my phone, even if I can remember where it is.

    1. It was a really good day. A bit too hot for comfort and too much going on at the same time to appreciate it properly. Looking forward to repeating it though xx

      1. I wish she’d learn to talk. She plays with sounds and makes terrible growling and snorting noises. One of the dogs is terrified when she does that.

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