May journal 23

How can I wander lonely,
not see what lies beneath the stalk tangle,
not hear the piping in the trees,
when I have companions
who understand it all?

We walked through meadows criss-crossed with animal trails, burrows and scrapes, where the orchids are drying, browning after the last days’ heat, and in the fields at either hand of the track, wheat, flax-coloured, not quite gold was ruffled, like watered silk, by the wind bringing the change.
The storm passed us by in the night, its progress along the river threshing our trees with its rags. We listen and wait for rain, still hoping.

In the wind,
the house whistles, groans,
and doors rattle,
the restless air turns about itself
like an uneasy dog
nosing a strangeness.

We wait for more visitors to arrive, peaceful and settled in the shelter of four walls that have become familiar to us all. More children to fill the spare room for a night and share a few meals, walks, and all the news.

pied and red-capped
squeaks without pause in the lime tree
ordering the beetles to arise.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

6 thoughts on “May journal 23”

    1. Thank you! I suppose I have been a bit. Worried about how the nervous dog (Redmond) will behave with more visitors. Nerves with him tend to translate to toilet accidents. We’ve already had one of those today, a double one.

  1. There’s a tension in the air everywhere right now I think. It’s strange you mentioned woodpeckers, they were in my dream last night. And I keep dreaming of dogs. (K)

    1. Not usual characters in dreams, that’s for sure. I think you must be having my dog dreams for me, as I don’t remember my dreams at the moment. Too worn out to dream!

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