May journal 25

I had been going to rant about the massacre of nineteen small children in Texas, but what’s the point? It happens regularly and nothing ever changes, no massive organised protests, strikes, blockades. They’ll get in their convoys to protest about having to wear a paper face mask but not to save children from having their bodies ripped to pieces. It’s a society that places the right of moral cretins to pose with big guns above the right of children to live. Twisted, inhuman.

Wind swirls east then west
sun flickers and goes out
but the blackbirds sing regardless.

So quiet here without the girls, gone home, back to the city, and husband away for the day. Only Trixie sits in front of the computer, playing with the mouse. I hope it will live. Dogs snooze, contented to have full bellies and a bit of fussing. I wonder about the fate of the killer whale in difficulty in the Seine, how you live with the pieces of a child, where human selfishness will lead.

There is a hole somewhere
a sheer cliff
a well with no bottom
a mouth full of teeth.
We will all meet there someday.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

30 thoughts on “May journal 25”

    1. If it had happened anywhere else, there’d be shock, mass protests, politicians called to account, calls for changes in the law. In the US it’s ‘so sad’. As if it’s unavoidable, like a natural catastrophe.

      1. There must be scores of millions of Americans who want strict gun controls, but there seems to be no organised opposition, just isolated individuals speaking out, and it goes no further. After the Parklands killings they left it to the kids to organise themselves into a protest movement and all they got was ridicule and insults. I don’t understand these people at all.

  1. Spare us the thoughts and prayers. The only lives they value are their own. Although I wonder if even a mass murder of the member of Congress would change the minds of the Republican Party. Plenty of sharks waiting to take up those vacant seats.
    And yet life somehow goes on. But for how much longer? (K)

    1. What I don’t understand is the lack of an organised protest movement. I know you have a federal system and it’s a huge country, but surely there could be a joined up massive schools walk out, a general strike. The school kids here are always going on strike, and the students even more often. I see nothing in the US yet all the people I know are sickened by the lack of gun controls.

      1. The students in Florida did that after the shooting there and they were hounded by the Republicans in charge–belittled and harassed. They are still active though. They have testified before Congress to no effect. The Sandy Hook parents did win a couple lawsuits recently, against the gun manufacturer and a right wing news person who accused them of faking the shooting, but…it makes no difference. Americans love their guns, obviously even more than their children.

      2. Exactly the point I made earlier. After Parklands, it seemed as though the surviving students had to stir up the protest, and it was only a matter of days before they mud-slinging started. Why was it only the Sandy Hook parents who had to fight? It should have been all parents. People probably love their own kids, but they seem not to give two shits about other people’s kids.

      3. Unfortunately most parents in this country are gun owners. And the black lives matter protests only proved that nothing will change, no matter how many people show up.

  2. It’s senseless, and again, nothing will be done. The GOP leaders pretend to care about fetuses, but do not value living people. Nearly all of them take money from the NRA on top of everything else.

    1. Yes, that is the same the world over, but for different lobbies. The NRA is so rich it can buy as many congressmen as it needs. Here the hunting lobby stops changes to the hunting legislation, and I’ve no doubt every business interest has a brobery budget. Crying about the unborn is easy. It’s attacking women too, two birds with one stone.

  3. Sad reality. And worst is that no one is bothered. There won’t be any protests. Every one will mouth a cliche of platitudes and go back to work.

    1. Bowing to the basest instincts, selfishness and greed. Once you call ‘I do what I want’ a civil liberty it’s hard to pull back from anything, certainly not a little thing like murdering a few school kids.

  4. Spot-on, Jane! Can I say I love what you wrote … well, I can but love doesn’t seem like the right word. You express poetically and clearly what my heart and head struggle with. It’s all about money. The whole thing about the 2nd Amendment is just marketing by the NRA. The GOP (and plenty of so-called Democrats like Joe Manchin) love pocketing the $$ thrown at them by the NRA. Money and power.

    When I first read the news, I immediately started grasping for hope, for some evidence that this time, everyone will get on the same page. But nothing changed after Sandy Hook, after Parkland, after all the other massacres of children and adults just going about their business. I’m putting hope on hold.

    1. I’m afraid compassion fatigue has set in for me. It’s a whole way of life that’s morally redundant and nobody is willing to do the slightest little thing to change it. We have our gun lobby too, and because of it, public opinion has been stifled, but guns here are used for hunting, and by dint of shouting about it, the legislation will change and very soon. That’s nothing like having regular school shootings. Europeans would demand legislation and they’d get it.

  5. Great news for the crisis-mongering media, though. I despise that tone of tragic concern they all affect as they offer tissues to people. Talk about compassion fatigue . . .
    Just another shooting, and very sad. They ought to post an armed guard at every school and control access.

    1. I saw Stacey Abrams tweet to the grieving families and it was so sickly god and Jesus little angels sticky sweet I thought it was a bad taste joke. So, okay, God will provide, move along, nothing to see here.

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