Rain and sunflowers

Rain and sunflowers

In all the fields that stretch about,
sunflowers raise their heads and shout,
The summer’s called us, look, we’re here!

The light that quivers on the pelt
of running dogs, the morning felt,
the gaze of distant watching deer.

In all the skies above, beyond,
the light is blue with feathers donned,
a silent heron on the mere.

And I awake to hear the rain,
rattling on the window pane,
and know this earth so rich, so near.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

33 thoughts on “Rain and sunflowers”

      1. There were several festivals had to cancel because the sites have been swept away. It’s a shame since they were cancelled two years running because of covid.

        We lost internet as I was trying to buy a train ticket for the youngest as she hasn’t had internet for days now. The trains are terrible during the summer. All very expensive when they’re not completely booked up.

      2. That’s too bad about festivals. It’s like all the rain you’ve been waiting for came at once!

        Were you able to finally get the ticket?

      3. Yes! And when there’s too much all at once, the earth can’t absorb it and it runs away.
        No, the trains are all too expensive. She’s going to have to take the bus. It’s a twelve hour trip, but the return ticket is almost the cost of a new washing machine. Ours just broke. It was nearly 17 years old…

      4. Too bad all around.
        Our refrigerator is dying, I think. It’s probably about that old, too. And we just had a leaking pipe replaced. Always something!

      5. Yes there is! Our fridge is two years younger than the washing machine but 15 is still pretty elderly for white goods. Crossing fingers it doesn’t die just yet.

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