Random word generator

100 random words for any Sunday poets feeling too hot to look any further for inspiration, followed by the poem they gave me.

This ocean is dry

I watch the curved fall of a grey feather,
wind-cradled, while pigeons murmur lullabies,
and rain whispers, a waking dream,

where feet skim snow, skin tingles
with the sting of cold flakes, ice cracks,
but the sound bends back into the now,

the crisp tread is brown and brittle,
the sucked dry stalks of dead meadows,
and I skim sand-baked earth.

The waves of this ocean are billows of heat,
the sting woodsmoke, the smell of burning,
the patter of raindrops is the crackle of flames.

We are encircled by creeping fires,
the curved balancing feather falls,
caught in the wrong wind.


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

17 thoughts on “Random word generator”

  1. This is sad, but beautiful. I think pigeons do murmur lullabies. 💙 I like the art, too. I didn’t recognize that it was Klee. It made me think of Kerfe’s art!

    There were kids shooting off firecrackers last night. UGHHHH. Fortunately not for too long. It is dry here, too.

    Our beginnings are the same with falling feathers, but then mine is based on what I saw recently here by the river.

    1. I know it’s sad. I feel miserable about the way we’re destroying the planet for everything. The environment is never on the agenda. There’s always something more important to get heated about like sports events or pronouns.
      Fireworks have been banned here because if the drought and the heat. A lot of muniicipalities cancelled the display for the 14th. They still have to put up signs telling people that lighting fires in wooded areas is forbidden at the moment because idiots are still doing it.

      I’ll be over to read yours 🙂

    1. Something that breaks my heart is that the petition to ask the government to put pack the opening of the hunting season so that the animals that have survived the fires and the drought can rest, will be kicked out unheard. The hunting lobby is so powerful they can say that even after the massacre of this summer there are still too many wild animals that need regulating, and that will be enough to start the shooting the first week in September.

      1. Only a few subscribe to the actual killing, but the lobby is extremely powerful. The guns, the dog breeding, the raising of animals to release to massacre because the wild numbers aren’t enough to make it ‘fun’, the people who run shoots in enclosed parts of private forests. There are a lot of very rich people behind them and they whisper in the ears of ministers.

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