Well, that respite wasn’t. We’ve had the usual 37°C 98.6°F and the temperatures start to rise again officially from Monday for seven days. No rain before September. It’s too much.


Words fail
like the source in the valley
the unopened buds
and the fledglings that will never fly
the cool blue air of autumn.


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

21 thoughts on “Lost”

    1. It’s going to be 100-104°F for the entire week from Monday. No idea what the humidity level is. They never tell us that. Maybe if it was more humid there’s be a lower fire risk, I don’t know.

      1. I hope your trees are used enough to those conditions to put down very deep roots and they hang on in the floods. I’m worried what it’s going to do to the trees that the heat has enfeebled. There could be a lot of them on hillsides just get washed away. There’s a big oak tree up the lane cracked open and fallen with the heat.

      2. Sadly it is not so. With so much of concretisation the trees hardly have enough space to spread roots. So many trees fall in our city during heavy rains.
        We are exhorted to plant more trees but not to nurture those already there.

      3. Oh, the concrete problem. We’ve known about that for decades and planners are pretending the idea has just been invented. In the town nearest to us they said that of the 130mm of rain water that fell in the last heavy rain, ten weeks or so ago only 3mm was actually retained where it fell. The rest just ran away, down drains and into the river and into the ocean. Concrete. They didn’t realise that water just runs off it.

      4. The concretisation of the earth is terrifying. They think putting hanging baskets on the streetlights is a substitute for green spaces, forests etc etc.

  1. hotter, drier and harder for longer. the new story of summer in more and more places. it is like the rest off the world is turning into australia. i hope there is respite ahead for you.

    1. Thank you. Maybe we’ll get a wet winter to replenish the water table. It sounds as though we could be heading for extreme wet weather though with torrential downpours and flooding. Yes, like Australia, and the Australian climate is wobbling too, though you wouldn’t know it from the attitudes I read on social media.

  2. I hope they are wrong about your rain. I fear you are right about the trees and the torrential rains after so much dry heat. The ground will be too parched to hold the water.(K)

    1. The oak trees seem to be doing the best, still green, but almost all the others are looking half-dead. If they lose their grip, they could be washed away. I hope they’re wrong too. It’s speculation. But I doubt any local authorities will be doing anything to capture what does fall.

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