Random word generator

Another 100 random words to play with. My poem follows.

Hope perhaps

The clouds are scattered long since,
promises of rain unfulfilled
no plums on the wild trees, no cherries
and apple trees brown and autumn-dry.

Something soars with the heron
through the harsh bronze light,
with steady wing beats, grey as clouds
from a heavy sea. Hope perhaps.

I dream of deep pools, cool weed-tangle,
where silver fish flick their tails
jack-knifing the gloom and filling it
with the soft glitter of moonlight.


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

25 thoughts on “Random word generator”

  1. A beautiful, wistful poem from the words. You have such beautiful images!
    Our poems are very different in tone and style, but I think there’s hope in mine, too.

    1. Thank you!
      I write two stanzas before I took the dogs out then went to pick some more blackberries. While I was out, the heron flew out of the trees in front of the house. There’s so little water around, but its wing beats were still strong, and sort of admirable. The middle stanza I added when I went in, so it didn’t really have anything to do with the random words.

      1. Oh, that explains it! You picked up on the actual beauty around you. I mostly stuck to the random words.
        It felt like such a steam room outside I didn’t even go out for a walk this morning. Now, that the sun is blazing, it doesn’t seem as steamy, it’s just very hot!

      2. It’s a difference with our weather reporting that our humidity levels are never mentioned. Maybe it’s not an issue here.
        It’s not as hot today as yesterday. What we’re supposed to get, 93ยฐ. It’ll climb a bit more, but it’s bearable.

      3. I’ve read that the dew point is actually more accurate than the relative humidity. So right now humidity is 65%, but the dew point is 73. That is in the oppressive range. It’s 86 F now at 10:30 AM, but the weather says it feels like 95.

      4. I suppose our forecasters reckon that knowing the temperature really is 95ยฐ is bad enough without adding that humidity makes it feel even hotter ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Those pools sound welcoming. Our weather is similar to Merril’s. By the time I got to my daughter’s I was totally drenched in sweat. Even the birds are hiding.

    As to the word list, I’ll keep it in mind this week as usual. (K)

    1. I wonder if we have a different kind of heat, less humid. I find the sweat starts to form as soon as I come indoors into the relative cool. Outside, the sweat evaporates as soon as it forms.

      1. They must be so hard to draw too. I’ve never even tried. The swallow flying towards the vieweris my favourite of your swallow sequence. It’s full of movement and balance.

  3. i love the idea of playing with a random word generator, but have only done it occasionally. this is how david bowie wrote many of his songs. we have random word magnets on the fridge and people love to create with them – leaving us all sorts of ponderings. i am glad to see your lovely poem of hope deviated from exclusive use of the random set. one challenge could be to use every random word, but a flight of randomly generated ideas through the word set is always a beautiful outcome too.

    1. I’m pleased you like the concept and the result. I often think of Bowie’s lyrics and how memorable they are without making complete sense if you dissect them. That’s where he was brilliant, using rhyme, the rhythm of a phrase to create something worth remembering. Unlike ‘clever’ poetry that doesn’t make sense because it’s ‘too deep’ for the common mortal to understand.
      We often use the online fridge magnets for inspiration. The word pool is limited, but it never fails to spark something new. Here’s the link if you don’t know it

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