We walk the dust

A second octelle for the dverse prompt.

We walk the dust

We walk the dust of spring’s parched wealth,
of tarnished gold, we stole by stealth,
the dust of death, stunted shoots,
scuff the dirt, reveal dried roots.
Vengeance in wildfire burns,
same cracked recond turns and turns,
we walk the dust of spring’s parched wealth
of tarnished gold, we stole by stealth.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

39 thoughts on “We walk the dust”

      1. Thank you! The one I wrote this afternoon ought to be better, as the one I posted last night was a rapid write between taking the dogs out and getting the cats and the house settled down for the night.

      2. Thank you! (only two dogs and two cats but it feels like more)
        It’s hard to think about much else. There are fires springing up everywhere, and I look out at the parched meadows, the trees with half their leaves shed already, and I wonder what will happen if one starts here.

      3. We had an electric storm with no rain a couple of weeks ago and lightning sparked wildfires not far from us. We’ve had no rain for so long everything is tinder dry. We’re not in the pine forest that’s burning out of control but if there’s another storm like the last one, lightning can hit anywhere…

      4. My aunt almost got caught in a wild fire while walking the Camino a month ago. Things are so scary all over right now. We’ve broken Nature’s balance. If only there was some way of transferring some of the rain from here to Europe. People are drowning in floods, where I am.

      5. Yet we know how it works, the consequences of concretization, deforestation. Property developers always know some town planner as corrupt as they are, and nobody speaks up for the forests 😦

  1. That vengence of those wildfire burns and keeps on returning. Love that dust of death, and spring’s parched wealth. Thanks for the second offering Jane.

  2. “we walk the dust of spring’s parched wealth,”.. this is incredibly moving! You have such a way with words, Jane ❤❤

    1. That’s the tragic part. The biggest fires here are in forests that are planted in conifers a)because deforestation and soil depletion means not much else will grow there b) because conifers are quick growing and can be commercialised very quickly. It’s all been for profit.

  3. Love this Jane, great poem… 🙂 “ same cracked recond turns and turns “ …ain’t it the sad damned truth. 😠 oh well. ✌🏼❤️

  4. Your poems (and this is a compliment) feel so much like they have been written by an Australian poet. I am sorry you are experiencing much of the harshness such a large proportion of our country is commonly subject too. The impersonal nature of extremes in weather can be so very humbling.

    1. I take it as a compliment. I’ve never been to Australia, but I’ve always been awed by the immensity of the thinly inhabited part of it. it’s as though humanity clusters round the fringes while nature holds the centre. There’s no safety in the centre here any more. We’ve grabbed too much and destroyed any balance.

  5. Powerful and lyrical–that first sentence grabbed me. I didn’t get a chance to try this form yet, but it’s lovely the way you do it–even though the message is not.
    I was thinking about you yesterday when I was listening to NPR talking about the wildfires in France.
    (I’ve had some appointments and work–behind on reading.) 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂
      The hard part (for me) of this form is getting a seven-syllable line to flow. I know it’s not in the ‘rules’ but If the first and last two lines have a rhythm, I don’t like letting it go completely in the middle.

      There are fires everywhere. We’re just hoping that the ‘dry’ storm predicted for this evening doesn’t set off any more fires.
      It feels cooler today, ‘only’ 92°F lowest since last week.

      I’d been wondering where you were 🙂

      1. It did flow!
        I hope you get cooler weather and rain.
        I finally got around to making doctors’ appointments, and they just threw off my days–plus having a test assignment due and my dVerse prompt this week. . . Sometimes by late afternoon I just feel like I can’t read any more posts. 🙂

      2. Thank you 🙂
        Sounds like quite a lot going on. At the moment, if I put the washing machine on I think I’ve had a heavy day.
        Commenting on posts takes ages with WP being ridiculous. Like Kerfe, I have to sign in with password etc almost every time. Often, it’s just out of duty too.

      3. Hahaha. There are days when I do nothing, but sometimes it all happens at once!
        I haven’t had that problem with WP–yet. Yes, I can’t do all the dVerse prompts because there’s just too much to read.

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