Haibun: sound of crickets

An extreme erased haibun for the dverse ‘cricket’ challenge.

Dusk. The moon and Mars above the trees and the pale silhouettes of hunting owls calling, soft and quavering. White scuts sharp in the lowering light as rabbits flit on silent paws, and the air thrills with summer warmth caught in the crickets’ throb.

How loud the silence

this summer night calls

to the pale stars





and owls flit

caught in the silence;

summer calls

to the stars.


A fool and a cage

I started and discarded several poems this morning because I didn’t think I was listening properly. I changed word sets and got this. It’s very enigmatic, and it made me feel sad.


Prisoner of self,Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 15.24.18

I listen for the words

that will open the secret of love,

breathe joy into this broken steel cage,

give it the wings to fly.

Those thoughtless words

haunt me yet.

Only a fool would desire

a life without you.



I once thought of you

A second attempt at getting an opposite effect in the reverse reading of the poem. For the dverse prompt.


I once thought of you

as the light in the jungle

all the stars in the sky.

Days roll by and fade

like dreams ending,

but still you fill my thoughts.

A touch of your hand lingers,

reminding me that you are only

a heartbeat away—

your smile hangs in the darkness


Your smile hangs in the darkness,

a heartbeat away,

reminding me that you are. Only

a touch of your hand lingers,

but still you fill my thoughts,

like dreams ending.

Days roll by and fade,

all the stars in the sky,

as the light in the jungle.

I once thought of you.