Nine thoughts


Blackbird’s song has ended

and a hush descended

from the trees;


dusk gold fades, an owl cries,

as the sunset light dies

on the breeze.


I watch the horned moon rearing

in the night sky, fearing

what she sees.


Above the stars are glowing,

in the darkness growing,

but the song


blue earth’s tongue is singing,

falters in its winging

through the throng


of starlit trees, where birds’

uneasy murmured words

come out wrong.


This night won’t last forever,

dawn will break as ever

with the day;


those hearts that were broken,

harsh words that were spoken

fade away,


and when the morning breaks,

and the first dawn star wakes,

you will stay.


I’m adding this to the dverse prompt because it fits even if I wrote it almost a week ago.

I close the shutters


I close the shutters

on the windy night—fox barks

to someone else


I close the shutters

on a scrap of moon

not enough light

to see the owl



I close the shutters

silently not to disturb

the watchful hare


I close the shutters

on the night

where clouds tussle with moonlight

and the meadow runs

with silence


I close the shutters

enclose the night calm

within these walls.

Listen to the owl

A sequence of three and five line poems/stanzas for the dverse open link night.


did you hear the owl

the fluttering voice

of the night


or see the moon’s

hooded face

draped in swaying leaves

and the regal rags

of clouds?


lift your face

to the raindrops

listen to the leaf-patter

and let the night-calm




an owl

is speaking