Bird skirmishing


robin tweets his warning cry

fiery fierce

from his honeysuckle bush

none shall enter

this private tangle


egrets in the meadow

pause in their insect search

then resume unconcerned

the bullets

were for someone else


crows mob the buzzard

black voices hoarse with hatred

but when the red kites arrive

slow in tight formation

no one moves



I’d forgotten all about October being poetry writing month. A few days late, but here’s day four’s poem for OctPoWriMo.


there are cages

beneath the broad sky

where we put the things we envy

like birds and thoughts

and children


there are birds

that fly the broad sky

and thoughts that change the world

and children

who put us all to shame.

Haibun for red kites

Internet is on this morning and autumn is settling in.



Early this morning they came soaring slow and stately, searching the ploughed field for prey, a flock of red kites. Maybe forty birds, flying low, some gliding, some dropping with ployed wings into a furrow, rising again, continuing the sweep. One perched on the woodpecker’s dead tree. The tree trembled.

Night agitation ceases

owls and foxes sleep

clear starry night covers with misty damp

and the silent beating

of broad wings.