Plum blossom

March Andre's plum blossom

the spikes are stuck with froth
black branches clouded
with honey scent
and the brindled buzzing of bees

blue sky and blossom

once frost-furred
the plums are clad
in gull-soft drapery
as spring water

march plum blossom

crisp white
cut out against the blue
a railing of blossom
against the buffeting sea
the house sails

house through blossom

Sky fire

December dawn in crimson
spreading colour waves
belling thrush and robin songs into the west
where embers of sun-fire smoulder.

December dawn1

December dawn2



December dawn 4


December dawn 5


December dawn 6

Dawn yesterday. I’ve never seen such an intense crimson sky. Deepest in the east, and in the west a mass of orange cloud hung where the sun sank the evening before.