Sky fire

December dawn in crimson
spreading colour waves
belling thrush and robin songs into the west
where embers of sun-fire smoulder.

December dawn1

December dawn2



December dawn 4


December dawn 5


December dawn 6

Dawn yesterday. I’ve never seen such an intense crimson sky. Deepest in the east, and in the west a mass of orange cloud hung where the sun sank the evening before.

Autumn settling


autumn mowing
the lush new green of first rains
and beneath the trees
russet drifts and
the heavy scent of wild garlic

trod mint rises
dew falls
new frogs leap the ditch water
among tall stalks heron-wary
while the light cools

lizard walls soaking the sun
red-gold in the west
where roses and nasturtiums climb
in the woodpile
the wrens stake their claim