Sun and stars


Sun strokes the stalks

bowed beneath the deluge

touches tips with golden glory


ebbing tide tugs

on the reins of racing rain clouds

and calm returns


in the hour of sunset

sun slip sliding beneath the blue

turquoise turning


deeper as the dark draws down

the wave-whisper of aeons of sea-space

scattered with stars


and at the last lingering of the light

a lone thrush enthrals the listener

with the echo of eternity.

Winter exit

For the dverse prompt. I plead guilty to this kind of stuff, repeat offender.


Days of drifting drizzle and winged wind, flying in the

face of trees bent from decades of bracing themselves,


follow in procession, dragging their grey rags. The

spring ritual, introit and dismissal, bird-beat rhythmed


into repeated notes de dit de dit de dit echoes against

low hung sky, punctuated with spikes and spires of


treetops, the plainchant pure as rain-washed sky,

drawn by skeins of geese to the rim of tomorrow .


Swift and smooth the river runs

The NaPoWriMo suggestion today is alliteration.



Swift and smooth the river runs,

Buttercup-blazoned banks beside,

A golden hoard about my feet,

But all my wealth left with the tide.


I dip my hand into the stream,

In silk-smooth water solace seek,

A host of silver spangles catch,

But none tomorrow makes less bleak.


Swift and smooth the seasons run,

Spring then summer spin the years,

Blackbird’s song spills through the shade,

But not a note can stop my tears.

Poetry challenge #9 free style: the entries

This challenge really seemed to get the words flowing. Starting each line with the same letter sounds tough, but you all showed that it’s perfectly possible to write beautiful poetry within such a tight constraint.

First in this week was from DAME from Ms Toy Whisperer

Dame | Ms Toy Whisperer

Next was another ‘D’ poem. This one a love poem from Sacha Black

Dark and murky, this blindness suffocates me,
Deathly quiet, muffled like a blanket of snow yet,
Doubt bangs as loudly as the morning sun shines

Deep in my chest a potent concoction of
dread and exhilaration matts together like glue
deaf to the dangers of love, I
dance willingly into her arms.

Next was Ken with


Simply stellar
Such was that moment

Subtle, yet

Senses reeled, when first I
Stared into her eyes

So it is today
Some years later

Space, time hold no meaning
Save for her presence

So certain am I that
She shares my sentiments


Simply stellar


Peter Bouchier sent this ‘W’ poem



Then an ‘I’ poem from Pensivity



An ‘H’ poem from Elusive Trope

Hyper-Vigilance | Elusive Trope

An ‘S’ poem from Janice

Seeking–Jane Dougherty Poetry Challenge #9 | Ontheland


This ‘B’ bird poem from Kerfe has, of a course, beautiful illustrations

Bunting Bird Brooklyn Bound | method two madness


Another romantic poem YEARNING from Mr. Todd

Yearning… | A Flash of Fiction…


Last in this week, a tour de force in ‘F’ from Merril

Holidays in the Key of F | Yesterday and today: Merril’s historical musings

Thanks so much to you all for participating. Looking forward to the last challenge before Christmas? Watch this space tomorrow.