Blog award, editing, and poems

Today has been momentous. First Ali Isaac presents me with our story collection to begin the editing, then The Ogham Stone literary journal asks me for a bio to complete my entry in their spring 2015 issue, and now Sally Cronin has nominated me for an award. The deal was, award or flowers, and being in the throes of editing, and being a flower nut, I took the flowers. Here they are. Gorgeous, aren’t they? In thanks and appreciation, have a poem, Sally.


When I try to pin down the wind
I taste the salt words on my tongue
Feel the leaf rustle on my skin
See the dimpled water rush beneath its breath.
Under the cold, cloud-cluttered sky,
Trees wait stoically for the spring,
And in some garden,
Sheltered by a hedge
Where robins dart and blackbirds dig,
Flowers bloom
And I have no words to paint the joy
Of such colour on a winter’s day.

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