Saturday and Sunday I had decided were going to be promotion days but I have no author interviews lined up, and for my own stuff, I just can’t be arsed. My back hurts, my head is fuzzy with painkillers and lack of sleep and there are a million things I should be doing but can’t.

Many of my blogger friends are away having a ball in London and what do we have here? A load of (I won’t be mean and use that adjective) men in garishly coloured football strips, spilling out onto the terrace of every bar and café, at varying degrees of inebriation, singing. At least this isn’t Marseille so there have been no pitched street battles with incendiary devices. Also, this first game in Bordeaux is Wales v Slovakia, and let’s face it, most Europeans don’t even know where either of those countries are.

Next up though is Ireland v Belgium. Back permitting, I might get down to the fan zone to watch this one. Finbar is certainly throwing himself into the spirit. Last night, when Dimitri Payet scored, he (Finbar—Payet was elsewhere at the time) raced round and round the garden barking his head off. I’m assuming it was in celebration.

WIP are all on hold as I can’t spend much time seated, and concentration is sporadic to say the least. The world will have to wait for the next masterwork. Patience, my friends. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.