#Three Line Tales: Butterfly-bees

For Sonya’s Three Line Tales photo prompt.

photo by Boris Smokrovic via Unsplash



They said, how lovely, when the genetically modified butterfly-bees emerged from their chrysalids, the pollinators that were going to take over from the extinct bee populations.

Thousands of acres of beans and potatoes, peppers, cabbage, melons, lemons, oranges, beans, peaches and strawberries waited for the new insects to keep them from extinction too.

An unfortunate quirk of the smart pollinators—their probosces seemed much better adapted to piercing human skin than to searching flower stamens and pistils, their preferred flavour not sweet nectar but warm blood.


NaPoWriMo #25: Bees

No bees poem


Hollow garden,
No humming bees,
No quick flicker of bright wings,
Apple blossom falls like cold snow,
No buds swell with tiny fruit.
But on the hill,
Ranks of vines stride
The sterile earth,
Spreading leaves and perfect fruit,
Insect free,
Bee free,
Free of the useless beauty of butterflies,
Until the earth cracks and yawns
And crumbles into silence.