We are going into the night


We are going into the night,

Leaving the sun and the dawning,

We are leaving the land of the light,

Where blackbird is king of the morning.


Down the river that runs forever,

We are going into the night,

In a boat that will bring us back never,

Gull-winged and shrouded in white.


The clouds of our sunset ignite,

In a farewell of fiery hues,

We are going into the night,

Where fire and water fuse.


Gull and swan beat the night air,

Leading the boat from the light,

Leaving pain and fear in the sun’s glare

We are going into the night.


Let’s dance the last dance

Four short poems


Let’s dance the last dance

And fill out arms with roses.

Let’s take the colours of the dawn,

And pour them into sunset’s ocean.


On the edge of tide and time,

I reach out and touch your face,

Damp with feather-soft spray,

Capturing this moment,

Where time still has meaning.


In the broad meadows of moonlight,

The foxes play and field mice shiver,

And I watch their gentle magic,

Watch the web of life enfold them,

In a glorious silver mantle.


Take them with you, when you go,

The hills, the trees and the sky,

Keep them for me on the other side,

I’ll be with you by and by.