Night and the river

This week I could really do with a little balm, sweet soothing music etc. It’s been tough and tiring. I looked to the oracle, but she’s not one to spout to order. Unfortunately. I tried each word set, and ended up with a mixed bag.


Storm chants madlyScreen Shot 2017-05-27 at 14.42.26

with a bitter death cry,

rain water runs away

into the lake,

no sun in the sky

pours luscious light

and purple shadows

about these whispered dreams.



I listen to your lies,Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 14.56.47

you kiss with marble lips,

we never find peace.

Like ghosts,

we embrace in the dark,

fever hot,

red as my secrets.



We two belong togetherScreen Shot 2017-05-27 at 15.23.12

in the dream of the stars.

Listen, as the world grows old,

our time plays out.

Fulfill your wish,

take me with you

along the river of night.



Always beautiful,Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 15.34.52


wild soul of the wind,

follows the sun

dawn to dusk,

spring to winter frost;

like the river,




Another verse form that’s new to me. Thank you Jennifer for the introduction. This is the link if you’re interested in the mechanics of it.

And here are my first attempts at the form. I’m borrowing the illustration from a couple of days back as it fits nicely.


Bird in white winter


In the bare black tree a singing bird,

On the snowy ground a leaf,

Winter flakes a cover white.


In the sky a gull so white,

No song to sing this ghostly bird,

Drifts light as a falling leaf.


In the air a golden leaf,

Snowflake-dancing, a blur gull-white,

Whispers songs learnt from the singing bird.


Singing bird, life leaf-short, now lies beneath a cover white.


Copper silence

Sun hangs low, a disc of copper,

Burning cold as any stone,

Winter world in thrall to silence.


Upon the lake the swan in silence,

Bows her head in reflected copper,

Yearns for lost mate, her heart a stone.


The mountain glowers, cloud-grey stone,

Dropping rain into the silence,

Swan sails west where the light glows copper.


Copper dims, and the stone grows colder, in winter silence the lone swan weeps.





Unique in his oneness the robin sings,
Taking no cues, no clues
Or fashionable trills and frills,
He pours his heart’s song
Into the ubiquitous wind,
Raising his throat,
Feathered fire,
To the one sun
In the single, world-arching sky.
The notes flow,
A stream, clear as a mountain source,
From this first and only and forever bird,
To his one and only love.

Photo credit
©Brian Robert Marshall

Red is the rose


Red is the rose that perfumes the air
Red is the breast of the bird in the tree
Red is the passion that once we both shared
When you were the moon and the stars to me.

Black was the night with no star left awake
Black was the night of your leaving
Black as the stone that lay on my heart
Were your eyes at the sight of my grieving.

Cold is the fire that burned in my heart
Cold is the winter rain falling
Cold summer’s past, the roses all dead
Like the hope in my lonely voice calling.

He asks for what he cannot have


Give me your hand, he said, he said,
Give me your hand so fair,
To show that you belong to me
I’ll set a gold ring there.

The gold gleams bright, she said, she said,
Beneath the morning sun,
But when the sky is full of clouds
Will its glittering not be done?

Give me your heart, he said, he said,
To make sure you will stay
I’ll lock it in a golden box
And throw the key away.

Hearts must be free, she said, she said,
A heart in a box will die
Unless it can spread its wings and soar
Like a bird in the morning sky.

I’ll give you my heart, she said, she said,
Until the seas run dry
If that’s not enough, I’ll leave, she said,
Like a bird in the morning sky.