birds and other feathers

A manifesto is one of the opening poems of my new poetry collection birds and other feathers. A teaser, taster. Remember, despite the Covid, there will still be Christmas stockings to fill.

A manifesto

From sprouting acorns to the windswept sky,
from quick vole-scurry to kestrel’s soar,
song thrush trilling and soft owl fluting,
this piece of land that I call my own
thrives and thrusts through stalk and bone.

This piece of ordinary soil,
of no rare beauty, fruit of toil
of generations, long gone into the dark,
is in my keeping now,

and how
I lend my weight to the great wheel,
guide the green boat with rooted keel,
is to let all things live here,
without fear.


birds and other feathers

BAOF single

I had hoped to receive and approve the proof by the 27th (husband’s birthday) but the print version was finally out of review and up on Amazon today.

birds and other feathers is as you’d expect, mainly about birds, so if you’re looking for poetry to fly away with, this might be the collection you’ve been waiting for.

Here are some of the main Amazon links. Australia seems to no longer be in the list of marketplaces. No idea why. I’ll look into it.

Australia’s up now, kindle at least, so we’re getting there.