Crow’s feat


Sky is blue

above the placid river,


crow flaps,

searching the rushes

for quiet death.


Such a burden to carry

among sleek black plumes,

sheen of sun and river glitter,

and with every slow flap flap

the portents scatter

like ashes

in the eyes of the wary world.


Ages old, the dark eyes,

bright as jet beads,

have seen the grass grow where forests sprang

and run red with battlefield blood.

Crow tears a strip of carrion,

cleans the river bank of untidy death

and slips sleek as a seal

into the eternal blue sky.

Haiku challenge: Black & White

This week’s challenge from Ronovan is a suitably wintry one.


White winter wind calls

cracking ice in his black voice

cruel times to come.


Blackbird sings his song

white swan bends a graceful neck

the whole world enthralled.


White blizzard fury

black branches stripped of gold leaves

green buds wait for spring.

Red is the rose


Red is the rose that perfumes the air
Red is the breast of the bird in the tree
Red is the passion that once we both shared
When you were the moon and the stars to me.

Black was the night with no star left awake
Black was the night of your leaving
Black as the stone that lay on my heart
Were your eyes at the sight of my grieving.

Cold is the fire that burned in my heart
Cold is the winter rain falling
Cold summer’s past, the roses all dead
Like the hope in my lonely voice calling.