#photopromptpoetry: S.O.S.

I had the honour to be chosen poet of the week for Colleen Chesebro’s photo prompt last month. The prize was to be able to choose this month’s image. This one is by Susan Cipriano from Pixabay


Trees link

ocean sky and

blue water, branching wide,

rooting deep where bird-fish skim-swim


or rootwards delve. Leaves wave, kelp-green

flags, pleading. Can you see

their reflections



Silver night

I posted this five line poem on twitter:


deep night

the world is pale


as lunar dust

sky a velvet robe.


then worked it up into a butterfly cinquain.


Deep night,

the world is pale

silver as lunar dust,

sky a velvet robe, diamond-specked,


to the moon’s song gently humming,

owls’ soft brown feathered songs,

the lullaby

of trees.