The cat of very little brain…

…very little ears and a sweetly strange personality. Sometimes Ninnie comes down from the attic where she plays with lizards

Ninnie about to roll

and sits on my desk or telephone

Nin on desk

until she falls onto my lap

Ninnie no ears

or rolls onto the floor

Ninnie attention grabber

or just tries to grab my attention.

Ninnie reading

She prefers to read sideways

Ninnie killing a few typos

but I draw the line when she tries to remove typos with her claws.

About a cat

A cat Serpent’s Tail poem for the OctPoWriMo prompt.

Come on Trixie

What can I say about the cat

that shares this home,

roams at will

until hunger brings her in?

Winter cold resistant,

insistent, she claims her right to walk,

stalk the night,

bright eyes light the way.

Daytime, she sits for hours,

scours thickets and hedge,

edging ever closer to small prey.

Says the dog, you’ll never change her,

feather-brain but quick,

thick as river mud but fast,

last to leave the chase.

Brace yourself to wait,

late, for there she’ll squat.

Little Ulysses

A different window for the dverse prompt


A piece of jungle beneath my window lies,

Dappled fauve in the afternoon heat.

Sleepy eyes watch with thinly veiled contempt

The disjointed movements of our graceless rush,

As regal, he drapes the cobblestones

With languid pelt of ocelot mottles

And spits in the eye of fawning hounds.

I wish him well on his wanderings

And all the luck the skies will lend.

Courage he has to spare,

To battle the monsters our unfriendly city sends.

Keep safe, run swift, remember home,

Little Ulysses of the streets.

Once you were quicksilver

This quadrille is for dverse. The word to include is ‘flicker’, and it is inspired by our little blue cat, the first of our Bordeaux cats to die, very young and unexpectedly.

Photo ©La Rose Tueuse


Once you were quicksilver,

a shadow seen through leaves,

a flicker of sunlight,

a streak of blue, polished like sealskin,

in the tree, leaping the wall.

The last memory cuts deepest,

of your eyes, their light,

a mere flicker

to say you were leaving.



Dappled cat


Cat watches me, his coat, dapples among sun dapples, a leopard. Cat stalks, distrustful or perhaps disinterested, to sniff my outstretched hand. Hungry? He smiles and rolls on his back, belly up, yellow, black-buttoned and tight as a tick. I know that game, and no, I won’t risk my hand. He wriggles on his back, paws ready, tail flicking back and forth, then, pangolin-like, he curls head over tail and back again, buttons flashing. Suddenly, the leopard remembers his dignity, shakes the dust from his sunshine and shade dapples, and trots back to his private domain, slipping like a shadow, beneath the sheet metal door.


Lithe, wild, Bengal cat,

slips like exotic sunshine

through this dusty world.


A variation on the dVerse ghost cat theme that isn’t a Quadrille.


I see you on the roof at night,

When moonlight silvers smooth red tiles

And hear your cry, so distant now.

A slender shadow in the grass,

You sniff the rose we planted, where

We laid you in the cold, cold ground

And watered it with warmest tears.

Soon, I tell your phantom shade,

We all will fallen petals be.

Sleep, ghost cat, songbirds are calling,

Sleep in rose-sweet petals falling.