Drum beats

We lost internet Wednesday so I missed prompts. The dverse prompt was to write a chant poem. I saw it last night and wrote a response. I wasn’t feeling very good, so it reflected how I felt, I suppose.
This morning I consulted the Oracle, still feeling completely washed out, and she gave me a poem that’s practically the same as the one I wrote last night. Hmm.

Drums roll

Drums roll in this dark sky
and in this deep earth
and they roll and roll
in the silence of my head.

Sky is dark and dark is the drumming
holes punched in the night
and the light streaming through
comes from a world’s lifetime away.

Dark drums roll
through the hole in my head
that lets the light stream
like sand from my hand

and they wink in time
the stars in the sky-light
to the martial beat
just pips in the night.

The beat (in collaboration with the Oracle)

The beat is bitter
drums in my head
raking coarse fingers
through the garden of growing things
red water pouring among the lilies.

Even the sun sweats
cloud tears crushing the light
into pink fragments at dusk.

Is there life in this tongue
that screams through the rain spray
where swallows soared

or did it wash away among the lilies
and the debris of the roses?