Waking to changing light

Waking to changing light

To wake to sunlight is a joy,

too rare in these troubled days, when the sky murmurs
reproach in the trembling of the poplar leaves,

the orioles have flown with their flutes,
the Petit-Ducs, and the dawns are quiet,
listening for the fall of the leaves.



Going back to this form though this isn’t a true cherita since it doesn’t tell a story.

How do we define sunlight

spread butter on the green
the gilding on stone hot with lizards

or the absence of shade
light between dapples
the tossed glitter on moving water?

Spring song source: cherita

Because I’m procrastinating (again) I’m going to see how many different poems and poetry forms I can write fitting in the words: spring, song and source. Starting with a cherita. I haven’t written one in ages. Join me if you like.


Spring trills in rills


bird throats pour liquid song

from its source beyond the clouds


running water splashes

hummingbird diamonds

beneath the singing sky.