gogyohka for cherry blossom

A gogyohka for Frank Tassone’s weekly haikai challenge.

last of plum blossom

loveliest of trees

the cherry was

but now that all are greening leafy bright

the tree that holds a blackbird

is the one I’d choose


Three line tales: Cherry blossom

This microfiction piece is for Sonya’s Three Line Tales photo prompt. Sorry if it’s not in the spirit of the season.

Photo ©Kasuend


Winter had been long and dark, but now spring was here.

She smiled—at last the rain-damp boughs were blossoming.

Then she remembered the doctor’s prognostic, and the dancing brightness wilted a little.

Poetry challenge #27: San San

This form, the san san, is another little beauty that I find extremely appealing. It was a NaPoWriMo prompt suggested by Thomas Kearney. There’s a lovely example of a san san on his blog here

The san san is an eight line poem using three images repeated three times and a rhyme scheme that goes: abcabdcd.

It needs a bit of thought, but then what doesn’t? I hope you’ll give it a try. Post your creations in the comments preferably with a pingback. Pingbacks seem to be infallible. Other links sometimes go astray, dissolve into thin air etc.

Here is my san san.


Listening to the wind among the reeds,

I watch the black kite glide across the lake,

Smell the blossom on the apple tree.

Wind brings ocean memories, and the seeds

To fill another orchard, in the wake

Of black kite, hunting where the field mice run.

Like wind and kite my thoughts fly bright and free,

Lake water caught beneath the rising sun.

NaPoWriMo: Cherry blossom

It’s April and it’s poetry time. Any excuse to post a poem.

Here’s my first one of the season, another cleave poem because I did it after bloody hours of torture. I exaggerate. But it wasn’t like rolling off a log either.


Wind’s from the north/ spring clouds bowling

From the wintry sea / gulls soaring inland

Cold rain spatters / over dancing river waves

Tearing tender blossoms / splashing the banks with foam.

Winters grip tightens /in the first days of springtime

On bird-huddled branches/ hazels are greenly leafing

And nestlings pipe with feeble voices / in the pale sun streaming.

I walk with heavy heart / Blackbird’s song is in my ears

Remembering the golden past / filled with joy and easy beauty

When summer danced / rippling bright as river water

For you and me / fading with the distant twilight

Now I am left / as night draws near

With a handful of snowflakes / falling gently as cherry blossom.