New writer of old tales

Today it’s official. My very good friend, longstanding critique partner (I say that, but I didn’t do much critiquing—jaw was too slack with admiration), Harriet Goodchild has had her first stories published by Hadley Rille Books.

There are two volumes:

Tales from the Later Lands introduce us to the world and some of the characters of Harriet’s first novel which is to be published later in the spring. They are full of the raw magic of the wild north, and the poetry and rhythms of the old ballads. Unlike the retellings of Irish legends that Ali Isaac and I have been working on, Harriet Goodchild has taken inspiration from some of the Child ballads to create beautiful fantasy that seems almost familiar.

Official blurb
A young man deep in love makes a promise, and later finds that he must keep it. Elsewhere, a seal takes off her skin and walks above the tideline for a twelvemonth and a day. A star rises to lead a man to glory and destruction, and, at another time, in another place, a king follows a beggar into the eternal halflight of the borderlands in search of his lost love.

Four stories from the world of After the Ruin, the début fantasy novel from Harriet Goodchild.

An End and a Beginning is a brace of stories about a young girl, an arranged marriage to a much older man, how love blossoms and, how the breaking of a word erects a barrier that lasts a lifetime.

Official blurb
A caged bird is not fit for freedom, as the Chamberlain’s wife finds as she steps through the patterns of the dances in the court in Ohmorah. But, though an oath is broken and a promise kept, her dearest wish may yet be granted.

Two stories from the world of After the Ruin, the début fantasy novel from Harriet Goodchild.

All of these stories are absolutely gorgeous, visually vibrant and a joy to read. I can’t recommend them highly enough. Read them as a taster, while you’re waiting for publication of After the Ruin, Harriet’s novel.

Also available at Amazon UK.

Tales from the Later Lands
An End and a Beginning

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