Microfiction: Sunday morning

I’m well over the suggested 200 word limit with this one, but just this once…


The Sunday morning air was brisk and cold. It suited her, she thought with pride—practical, upright, and not given to sentimental outbursts. The suburban street was quiet. She liked that too, the way their steps, hers and Bernhardt’s, rang out with authority. She stared, with the stare of one who has the right, into the Epelbaum’s front window, and would have stared them right in the eyes if one of them had been standing there, looking out onto her Christian Sunday morning. But of course there was no one about. She snorted to herself. Not surprising, after their Saturday night orgy. She wondered what they did with all the children they must have produced. Perhaps they used them in their bloodthirsty rites, but she had always imagined they needed Christian children for those. She had only ever seen two young Epelbaums, quiet, sedate, devious children who went to the local elementary school. Well, that would all be changing soon. She’d read it in the papers. No more soiling of the school benches with their presence.

The paper crackled gleefully in her hand. They were on her list. They might pretend to be Austrians, but she knew better, and she would give their names to the Bürgermeister with the others. After Mass, of course. Everything in the right order, she thought and took Bernhardt’s arm, squeezing it to get his attention. His expression remained serene and distant, but she refused to let her husband’s indiscretions disturb the placid flow of her existence. They all knew, he never made a secret of his tastes, but they would say nothing. Not now that he had been accepted back into the army. And with a Captain’s rank too. She clutched her list and Berhardt’s arm and marched with her head held high.

Somewhere, in a distant farmyard, a cock crowed once, twice, thrice. She sighed, and a beatific smile spread across her face. She recognized the omen. The Christ killers would be avenged.

Microfiction challenge #17: A satisfied couple

Sorry it’s a bit (a lot) late. We got back later than expected. The title of this week’s image is in German so I could be completely wrong when I translate it roughly as ‘On the way to church’. However, for me, the title fits perfectly. The couple have a such self-satisfied expressions. He could be thinking about something funny a friend said to him in the bar, but she has that particular curl of the lip suggesting, ‘I have really made it’ that, to my eye, makes her instantly antipathetic. But that’s not the only interpretation of the scene. Who are these people walking side by side but not touching? Where are they going on this brisk autumn day and why—a wedding, to the reading of a will? And what is on the piece of paper? That painting is dated 1935 if that gives you more ideas.

You don’t have quite as long to cogitate this week, but when you have your story, please post the link in the comments, before next Thursday.