Serpent’s tail

This is what I am calling this poetry form until someone shows me that it already exists and has another name.

Painting ©Vanimmerseel


Becalmed on this sea,

we watch the sky for cloudfall,

stalled and immobile,

while hands clasp tight.

Night comes and no wind blows,

flows the tide into the dawn.

Born again in sunlight,

flight springs,

wings spread to fly,

sky calls us home.

Foam-flecked, we rise and find

behind is left all harm,

becalmed on this sea.


Tomorrow will come

Posted in the dVerse open night. This is a circular poem which means the last word of the line rhymes with the first word of the next line, and so on until the last line which is a repeat of the first, and the poem has come full circle.



Tomorrow will come,

drumbeat and cymbals clash,

flash open the sky,

dyed merciless white.

Flight of starlings chasing the night,

light pours,

soars the white gull,

full indifferent to our flutterings,

mutterings and pleading,

ceding only to the waves’ call.

Fall we must from our sleep,

weep tears of rage,

stage our temper tantrums for the crowd.

Loud crash the waves whatever our complaint,

faint the sirens’ call from the sea,

we make do, in happiness or sorrow;

tomorrow will come.


Rain is falling,

stalling the year,

drear as an ending,

sending waves to break on muddy banks.

Thanks given for what?

Not good fortune or happiness.

Loneliness is the lot of many,

any port in a storm, they take,

make their own joy.

Cloying, the unctuous sweetness of the season,

reason departs and folly reigns,

staining the simple spread of pleasures shared,

snared, the quiet soul of peace,

fleeced, the unwary and naïve.

Eve of childhood’s magic feast,

released the genie from the bottle,

throttled the hen that laid the golden eggs,

begs the question, why all this pain?

Rain is falling.


A circular poem based on today’s magnetic poem


Quiet as stone falls the light,

bright and glacier cold,

folding the world in clouds of frost.

Bifrost the bridge of violet and blue,

hues of the rainbow,

slowly arching across the sky,

flying on swans’ wings from rooted earth,

berth of sky ships, soaring,

roaring with the winds voice.

Rejoice in this sky-reaching and spanning space,

race, white swans with this dead heart,

part the clouds for I see the journey’s close,

rose scented, blue horses joyful riot,

quiet as stone falls the light.


Hope springs


No leaf clings,

sings still the robin fierce,

piercing the gloom with song.

Long lie the shadows deep,

sleeping the dreams so dearly bought,

taut the wires that pull and bind.

Find we the path in this night,

light in this dark?

Hearken we to the voices of the dead,

treading their silent way back to their peace?

Ceases the clamour of heavy hearts,

parts the cloud and floods the moonlight,

bright glimmer paints the robin’s tree, though

no leaf clings.

I called goodbye

Another circular poem, this one with a rhythm.


I called goodbye to the empty air

Where you had been but moments past.

Last summer when love seemed so sure,

Pure as a the sky streaked white with cloud,

Loud sang the songbirds in the tree,

We laughed and loved through day and night.

Bright day dawning, swan takes flight,

Light me home, now, morning star,

Far away in the brightening sky,

I called goodbye to the empty air.