This is the way, the bright sky calls


This is the way/ the bright sky calls,

To dusty death/ at the end of the path.

The tired push and shove/ to the haven of peace,

With no respite/ we follow our longings,

But the dream recedes/ into a blue haze.

Though I can almost touch it/ this magic we longed for,

Its glitter is veiled/ this place we constructed,

By the unyielding cares/ of our heart and bones,

Of a world full of darkness/ to cradle our ending.

Night sky is black

The Daily Post prompt is: understanding.

A cleave poem, because I haven’t written one in a while.


Night sky is black/ shot with light

A sheet pierced with holes/ a million stars

And a light that shines behind/ showing the way

From another world, I long to go/ to a better place than this

Though the weight in between/ so dark and full of pain

Stirs the air thick with mists I can barely see

Wings white and strong will bear me/ across the feather-light sky

And a story guide my way/ to where the spirit is free.


The nineth life

Photo ©Broc


The lithe cat springs/  the roof tiles slippery

But the bird has flown/  in the falling rain

Balancing, scrambling/  claws lose their grip

Down from the tree/  cat tumbles, twisting

She pads through the long grass/  as cars flash by

Wary eyes on the traffic /  through a veil of rain

Cat glides through the shadows/  just a tawny streak

No more hunting/  so quickly it’s over

She takes the path homeward/  her bright day has ended

Until the stars call/  and she stalks the night.

Spring day

Another poem for NaPoWriMo’s Earth day prompt

©Wolfgang Bergmann


The earth shifts / the year turns

From dark to light/ grey to green, new leaves uncurling

The stars are fading/ palest blossom on a black bough

Night is slipping/ dark times forgotten

Beneath the dawn line/ dappled still with moonlight

Where day is hatching/ in a flurry of birdsong

Ravelling up the past/ spring flags unfurl

Perpetual motion/ eternal cycle.

The day is dying

The NaPoWriMo theme today is couples, things in pairs or halves. Since this theme fits the cleave poetry form, and I love cleave poems, I don’t need a better excuse to post this one.

If you’re not familiar with this form, a cleave poem is in two halves, each of which can be read as a separate, and preferably totally different poem, but read together they form a third poem.


The day is dying/  the dog fox said

Stars palely glittering/  the moon will be dark

The sun has set /  time for hunting

In dark corners/  fat mice scurrying

Shadows lengthen /  beneath cool branches

The brooding silence breaks/  ghost owl calls

Fear echoing through lonely rooms/  the dog fox answers

A dark voice from ancient times /  Come, the night is waiting.

NaPoWriMo: In a thousand places

A cleave poem.

Photo ©Henry Mühlpfordt


In a thousand places/  the night’s sweet dark is over

Dawn breaks and shatters/  but memories still linger

Scattering shards of darkness/  among the crumpled sheets.

Above the hills /  the last stars are fading

As the daylight grows/  and the first birds singing

The empty space yawns/  like a promise fulfilled.

I hear your footsteps/  walking down the winding road

The white gull cries/  on its way to the sea

And I know you have gone/  in the dewy morning

Leaving starlit memories/  forever my hand in yours.

In the rain


I stand in the rain/ the rain is falling,

Watch you walk away/ among the roses.

No words to stop you/ recalling summer’s past,

The good times forgotten/ when our love was new.

Puddles are forming/ grey sky reflected,

Like memories leaking/ in droplets so perfect,

Tears in the wind/ shaken from rose blooms,

Can you not see them?/ Can you hear them fall?