Nightfall just before the storm

Four short poems inspired by the hot, heavy weather of the last weeks, when the storm clouds build up in the evening, and the night is rocked with thunder.

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Night falls
soft as a cat’s paw
on the heat-heavy
city roofs
whispering with
the cool breath
of the stars.

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Night falls
And out of the darkness
Shines the moon
Black blanket
Scattered with stars
Sheds just enough light
To see your sweet face.

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When dark winds blow
The memory of your face
Comes to me
Out of the past
And I shiver
In another’s arms

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Storm wind sweeps the sky
Fire ships sail out of the west
Sultry sails thunder.


There were these beautiful clouds this evening. Unfortunately by the time I unearthed the camera the light had started to fade.

PENTAX Digital Camera

PENTAX Digital Camera

PENTAX Digital Camera

PENTAX Digital Camera

Where do the clouds go when they sail out the west

Their sails on fire with the dying sun?

Do they regret their flaming glory when the darkness falls

And turns their burning orange to soft blue grey,

Pale smudges against the velvet night?

Do they wait for the morning, the silent flotilla,

Riding at anchor with the rising moon

Or taking their bearings from the stars above?

They are always there, massed along the sky’s paling rim

Where night ends and the morning begins,

Waiting to hoist their golden sails of sunlight

And sail beyond the dawn, beyond the night

Where dreams are born in the crucible of light.


To the four winds


South wind bends the slender stems
Of flowers bowed beneath its light caress
Scattering the perfume gathered in cool bowls
Of petals cupped around the flowers’ heart.
Wind from the west blusters and blows
Herding rain clouds straight from the sea
Barging the skeins of voyaging geese
Tossing light and shade from a changing sky.
Cold bites hard when the wind’s in the east
Dry and bitter with the arid taste of steppes
Ruffling the feathers of huddled birds
Sweeping the sky smooth as an icebound lake.
But when the winter wind roars from the icefields of the north
I hear ancient sagas in its chilly voice
Told beneath the smoky beams of halls that rotted long ago
Tossed upon the backs of glassy waves
And chanted by the sea grey clouds
Rowing the turbulent snowy sky.

Cloud ships

I’ve written a number of short poems these last few days—mainly about clouds and blackbirds. Here’s one of them.


Through the morning sky
They sail
The thick pearl clouds
With their cargo of rain
To loose in showers
On the thirsty earth.
And as they row
Across the sky’s blue depths
They sing of glassy waves
Deep sea caves
And jagged, gull-wreathed rocks
In the booming voices
Of ocean mariners.


As some of you may be aware, I have a Twitter account that I use/visit regularly. I’m just not sure I entirely understand what I’m looking at. Most of what scrolls past seems to be plugs for books with an Amazon link; very little is worth reading in its own right.

The idea of condensing thoughts into a predetermined number of words appeals greatly, hence the dabbling in flash and micro fiction.
Twitter is even more restrictive, with only 140 characters allowed, so using the tweet as a verse form sounded interesting. And lo! Today I discovered the existence of #tweetpoem! There are some beautiful little flashes of inspiration there, a fund of thoughts, musings, and well-crafted images. It’s a great challenge to put an idea so succinctly. Great practice for those of us—I am a prime culprit—who have a tendency to be long-winded.

You should have a go. I’d love to see other people’s efforts. This is the one I posted today:

Gathering storm
Stormlight thunder
Thunderheads shred into roiling cloud
Cloud-filled sky in summer
Summer-soft rain