One line poetry challenge

Hope I’m doing this right…

Ritu nominated me to carry on this challenge originated by Waffles (thank you Ritu 🙂 ), adding the next line to this collective poem.
The rules for the challenge:
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back.

2.Link back to me Waffles.

3. Write one line in the poem. If 4 lines have been reached before you then start a new stanza

4. If you are the 17th line no need to nominate just send it back to me Waffles with a title for the next one.


Autumnal hues herald dawn’s amber glow.
Nature paints in colorful flow.
Everything’s pumpkin from pop tarts to chips.
There’s even a seasonal orange pumpkin dip.
Now a crestfallen suns rich corpse spawns a great feast.
The aroma from scented candles tantalize the palette.
Eerie glows emanate from window sills,
And robin’s song defies the winter beast.

I nominate Jennifer G. Knoblock to carry on the poem.