A cinquain for Colleen Chesebro’s weekly challenge.


We walk

together step

by step your hand in mine

hearts winging into all the years

to come.


Only human

For Colleen Chesebro’s weekly challenge. The words are Character & Wild.


Only human nature, they tell us,

the hedonism that means death

and misery for the rest,

the untamed, the poorest,

the invisible,

the mute, have no

weight in this



Sun and storm

A shadorma trio for Colleen’s weekly challenge.


When sun sears,

and each step drags through

molten bronze,

my ears pulse

with cicada-throb—phantom

hiss of cool fountains.


Peeling back

the light from shadows,

the heat from

cool tree shade,

the weight of summer becomes

a golden caress,


until the storm

unleashes torrents

from torn cloud,


of electric-wired rain

to sooth the fever.

Calculating worth

Colleen might not be back yet, but that’s not a reason to shirk. An etheree, because she likes us to keep counting syllables. Short enough maybe for the NaPoWriMo prompt too.


They say there is no value in grass or

ditches running with bright rain water;

the sun, the sky, the lark singing

cannot be owned. Yet at the

end, when the last dark falls,

the nightingale’s song,

sweet stream pouring,

will be worth

more than