Tanka Tuesday: Spell & Treat

A butterfly cinquain for Colleen’s weekly challenge. The word ‘spell’ comes from the Old English for a tale or narrative.




that enthrals with magic,

a gift of the wind that blows through

the stars,

scatters the broken light of space

into our wondering

eyes, filling hearts

with joy.



Green world

For Colleen’s photo prompt.

The image is from Pixabay, by Michael Seibt

Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 15.24.24


the green

heart of the world

beats to the sound of pipes

and the endless laughter of running


in the green heart of the world the

silence of music reigns

no human ear


Home perhaps

An etheree for Colleen’s weekly challenge. This woodpecker is part of our evening ritual, watching out for her/him to come back to the dead tree to roost, the hare to come up from the stream bank to browse, and the blackbird to roost in the lime tree outside the window.

woodpecker moon

In the hollow tree a bird, an old nest

with memories draws her back before

the sun sets. The comforting dark

echoes with cries of fledglings,

flown when summer still filled

the air feather-soft,

warm as a bird

mother’s breast.

She calls­—