Tanka sequence: Storm & Colour

Thank you for the prompt, Colleen. I should be filling in tax forms but much prefer this kind of procrastination 🙂 Colleen’s tanka challenge is here. If the words or the photo inspire you, this is where to post your tanka.


Wind whips up dark cloud,

north sea-coloured, wild and cold

with unfallen snow.

I watch the gull’s flight, soaring,

such courage in the storm’s eye.


Colour of my dreams,

you paint the world so brightly,

no blue more intense.

Blow winter clouds, wind, and mix

another stormy palette.


Wind of the grey world

blows a storm from the cold north

charged with snow and ice.

I peer through thick falling flakes

for beyond the grey, spring waits.

Winter roses

I keep forgetting about this lovely challenge. This tanka, inspired by the words ‘late’ and ‘bloom’ is for Colleen Chesebro. Pop over to her blog and read a few more.


Snow on the roses,

last blooms vie in pure whiteness

with winter beauty;

memories of summer sun,

petals blush in my cold hand.