NaPoWriMo: Raven speaks

The prompt today—tell an old story from the point of view of a minor character. This is the story of Baldr’s death told in the form of a constanza by a watching raven.


These pearly berries Raven would not taste,

Black Crow gathers, furtive, with a cruel eye

And hurries with a step both quick and sly.

Black Crow takes an arrow and makes haste

To coat the metal tip with berry-death,

And steal away the bright one’s living breath.

I, Raven, call—my warning is but waste,

The human flock intent upon their joy,

Cannot see their Black Crow’s wicked ploy.

Black Crow smiles, his sightless cuz enlaced,

Guides his aim, the berry-coated point,

The laughing god with pearl death to anoint.

Black Crow grins, the poisoned flight is traced,

The blind man weeps, joy from his face is chased,

Pearl bright berries Raven would not taste.

All this

Another constanza.


All this, river, blackbirds singing,

I will miss when I have gone,

And other suns light up the dawn.


Salt sea tang, the west wind bringing,

Grey wings beating the wild spring air,

Their loss is more than I can bear.


White gulls through the rain clouds winging,

Taking spring to northern green fields,

When the winter grip of ice yields.


But most of all the kingcups springing,

Their bright cloak, the banks beguiling,

I’ll miss their golden faces smiling.


Remind me of my old loves clinging,

Roses climbing to the sunlight,

In the dusk that brings the last night.

Poetry challenge Constanza: the entries

Some fine poems this week, as usual, and for some reason, they were all the kind of poems that I went back to again and again. No baulking at the rhyme hurdle. This is getting too easy! Thanks to everybody taking part—you are a treat to read.

First one in was from Annie—a first timer. Welcome!

Collision – what the woman wrote


From Kim in North Norfolk, a sea song, in praise of a wild, powerful element.

Claiming its Toll – a constanza – writing in north norfolk


Merril’s poem is a magical, dreamy experience. That Boorman film must have really got to her!

NaPoWriMo: The Swirling Mist | Yesterday and today: Merril’s historical musings


Kerfe’s poem is a fast-moving jungling of words that I find just a little unsettling. Jokers, jesters, fairground stuff has that effect on me. Wonder what other people think?

Take a Wild Guess Day: Joker’s Wild | method two madness


Kat Myrman—on the nature of poetry, with a lovely rather unearthly illustration. Translucent night-flowering flower? Deep sea Medusa?

Poet-Speak | like mercury colliding…


Janice’s poem is a timely message. I love that last stanza.

Fresh hope unwinds – Ontheland


Doug the Trope, or should I say the Trompe? How to take an innocent façade and turn it into a metaphor of our rather futile urban existence.

trompe l’oeil | Elusive Trope


Geoff, as usual turning a perfectly serious subject into a comedy sketch.

Constanza anyone? #poetry | TanGental


Sri with another sea song, this time a sailor’s sea shanty.


Cheryl, another first timer, who uses the repeated first line to good effect, hammering home her determination to make tomorrow better.

Poetry Challenge #26 – Constanza | The WRITE Place


Ken, who I thought was going to time himself out this week. His poem is a journey through the meandering thought processes of a poet.

Intertwined | rivrvlogr

Tomorrow’s theme will be another new one. See you then 🙂

All colour is a deception

Another constanza inspired by a twitter prompt. I like the idea of a constanza poem on the theme of inconstancy.


All colour is a deception,

No truth in the blue and the gold,

No warmth when our love had gone cold.

Love is just a perception,

Nothing to hold in the hand,

Heavy chain or a bright gold band.

The outcome was there from inception,

Like a worm in a splendid fruit,

No beauty came forth, just a brute.

Poetry challenge #26: Constanza

We’ve had a week off, so it’s back to the rhymes, folks. This is a pleasing form with a gentle, repetitive rhyme scheme that makes me think of waves rolling up a beach. The constanza is described here:

Very simple really, three line stanzas with a rhyme pattern of ABB ACC ADD AEE etc for as long as you like.

Please leave your links in the comments before next Tuesday. A pingback that links to this post is helpful as sometimes the ordinary link doesn’t work.

Here’s my example.


There is no light in the world today,

Though the sun pours down from a sky of blue,

You took the joy away with you.


Summer-soft clouds are tinged with grey,

The river snarls at the passing breeze,

Sliding restless beneath the trees.


No lingering shadows to betray,

The hurt of this night’s cruel work,

Only in my head they lurk.


No words no plea would make you stay,

Though I’d give you the moon and stars above,

You turned your back on my heart, my love.


No sun, no song where the blackbirds play,

No flash of gold in the spring hedgerows,

Still I watch the road as the darkness grows.