Last light star light

A first attempt at a contemporary ghazal for the dverse collection. I’m not sure if this is how it works, but I like it. Inspired by the last two prompts from the Daily Inkling, Among the branches and Among the stars.


Last light slants, gold and soft as still ears of corn

through branches heavy with birdsong.


Notes full of sunlight, gold and silver as fish in deep pools,

roll and ripple, a tidal river slipping to the sea.


High, the stars pause, listen perhaps,

enraptured by the gold-touched music.


Low, they bend as darkness deepens among far branches,

gather in glittering hands the threaded chords.


From galaxy to galaxy, they string spiral garlands

of blackbird glory to set the silence of space ringing.


It hurts my heart to hear them go, the fading notes,

unearthly and so deep rooted, to fly among the stars.